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CKH National Showcase Campus!

For over three decades, Capturing Kids’ Hearts has brought tools to thousands of campuses nationwide that equip teachers, coaches, administrators, and district leaders to implement transformational processes focused on cultivating student-connectedness, improving school culture, and fostering social-emotional learning. These processes are designed to directly impact every aspect of a school community. Capturing Kids’ Hearts is proud to recognize campuses implementing these processes with measurable results that are making a difference in the lives of students.

“For the past 18-years, I have used Capturing Kids Hearts’ tenets both within the classroom as a teacher and now as an administrator. However, this is the first group of educators I have worked with that thoroughly embraced the virtues of CKH to their fullest extent. By meeting the lofty expectations of a CKH National Showcase Campus, we can build lasting relationships with our students,” Forney High School Principal Dr. Jonathan Campbell said. “Nowadays, more than ever, as educators, we are here to support our students with their educational pursuits and support their social and emotional well-being. Capturing Kids Hearts and the Flippen Group have helped provide us with the tools necessary to educate our students fully.”

Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School awardees are evaluated and selected based on survey and performance data from administrators, teachers, staff, and students. Decreases in discipline referrals as well as positive campus culture and climate are common themes among the data from awarded campuses.

Capturing Kids Hearts

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Forney High is a Capturing Kids Hearts campus. We believe that in order for students to learn, we must first have strong relationships with each individual. At FHS, our teachers and staff greet every student every day because "if you have a child's heart, you have their mind."

Teachers and students work together to develop Social Contracts, which outline how we are expected to treat one another. As part of Capturing Kids Hearts, we also give affirmations to students and teach them how to affirm one another as well. Students have opportunities to share good things and to learn about their classmates. Students learn to self-manage their behaviors and learning environment. Each month we will focus on a different aspect and integrate this into our campus communication.

Our focus this month is on Perseverance.

FHS Good Things

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Important message for bus riders!

Beginning Jan. 4th, 2021

Students who have not worn a mask or misplaced their Smart Tag, more than 3 times in one week will be suspended from the bus. Parents will be contacted regarding the suspension of their child. Please stress to your child that this rule will be enforced. Thank you!

Smart Tag Information (Bus Rider Smart Tags)

Forney ISD uses the Secured Mobility Authorized Ridership Technology (SMART) tag system for all students who ride the bus to and from school. Every bus in Forney ISD is outfitted with a Samsung tablet equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification reader, mobile connectivity, and Global Positioning System. Students place their campus-supplied SMART tag ID badges on the tablet’s sensor when loading and unloading their bus. Only the student’s name and associated bar code will be printed on the ID badge. No information is stored on the badge.

When a student enrolls in Forney ISD, and is eligible and requires bus transportation, they will be directed to a registration link during the enrollment process. This is the initial bus registration and will get them on the list to get their first SMART Tag printed:

Below is a link to the Bus Registration Application:


Once registered and given their tag, parents should go to the SMART Tag Parent Portal registration. This portal gives real time updates about the student’s bus arrival, delays, etc. The District will also send out anything bus related on the SMART Tag Alert System for parents. These alerts will also include discipline, policy change, etc.

Below is a link to the SMART TAG Parent Portal:


Parents must have their student’s ID number to register for both of these.

In keeping with District Policy for SMART Tag, if a student does not have their badge three times in one week, including if they scan on, but not off the bus, they will be removed from the bus for three days. Forney ISD has committed to this program for the safety of our students and this policy will be strictly enforced. Parents will be contacted should this happen.

Although the initial SMART Tag Badge for students is free, if a student misplaces their badge, or if their badge becomes damaged, there will be a replacement cost of $5.00. The best way to pay this fee is in the SKYWARD account for students. The student should receive their new badge within 24 to 48 hours. Students should relay to the Bus Driver that they have paid in Skyward and Transportation will verify that.

FHS Mask Protocols

On March 3, 2021, TEA published requirements for the operation of public school systems during the COVID-19 pandemic that continued the previous masking protocol that included:

“Every student, teacher, or staff member shall wear a mask over the nose and mouth when inside a school building, school facility, facility used for school activities, or when in an outdoor space on school property or used for school activities, wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household.”

Therefore, in alignment with the updated guidance from the TEA, Forney ISD will continue the current face covering, cleaning, distancing and safety protocols that we have utilized throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

For a list of our safety protocols, please visit our website Learning Options > Onsite Learning.

Las escuelas deben cumplir con la Orden Ejecutiva GA-29 del Gobernador que exige el uso de máscaras.

El 2 de marzo de 2021, la Orden del Gobernador GA-34 rescindió las máscaras para el público a partir del 10 de marzo de 2021, pero declaró que las escuelas públicas seguirían los estándares de la Agencia de Educación de Texas (TEA).

El 3 de marzo de 2021, TEA publicó los requisitos para el funcionamiento de los sistemas de escuelas públicas durante la pandemia COVID-19 que continuaban con el protocolo de enmascaramiento anterior que incluía:

“Cada estudiante, maestro o miembro del personal deberá usar una máscara sobre la nariz y la boca cuando esté dentro de un edificio escolar, instalación escolar, instalación utilizada para actividades escolares, o cuando esté en un espacio al aire libre en la propiedad escolar o se use para actividades escolares, donde sea que esté no es factible mantener seis pies de distancia social de otra persona que no pertenece al mismo hogar ”.

Por lo tanto, en alineación con la guía actualizada de la TEA, Forney ISD continuará con los protocolos actuales de cubrimiento facial, limpieza, distanciamiento y seguridad que hemos utilizado durante el año escolar 2020-2021.

Para obtener una lista de nuestros protocolos de seguridad, visite nuestro sitio web Opciones de aprendizaje> Aprendizaje in situ.

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Click this link for our dress code

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FHS Jeans Day Information

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Every Friday for the remainder of this school year will be a jeans day at FHS. Please remember no holes, rips or tears and FHS spirit shirt, military or college shirt.
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Food Deliveries

Friendly reminder that due to campus mitigation procedures FHS does not allow parents/guardians to drop off any food, drinks, clothing or any other outside items for students.

We appreciate your understanding and help with this matter.

A Note From Our Nurse

Note from Nurse Crane

As we have entered into the flu season, please remember to be diligent in monitoring your child or yourself for all symptoms that could be cold, flu or Covid related. Please keep your child that reports a fever, headache, sore throat, cough and/or a runny nose at home.

Complete the Self Report Form


Until 14 days after last exposure (or lab confirmed positive person began having symptoms) and monitor your symptoms. Check temp twice a day.

NOTE: Negative test results for the exposed person will not lessen quarantine days. If you have concerns, contact your healthcare provider.

What’s the Difference?

* Quarantine: For someone who has been exposed. Stay home, social distance from others, monitor for symptoms for 14 days regardless of test results.

** Isolate: For those infected w/ symptoms or positive test results. Stay home, avoid being around others even in your own household. Stay in a specific “sick room” if possible, with your own bathroom for 10 days.

For staff & students experiencing any COVID symptoms, please be sure to complete the FISD

Self Report

Close Contact/Direct Exposure

Being directly exposed to infectious secretions; and/or within 6 feet for 15 minutes or longer of someone diagnosed as POSITIVE COVID-19/ waiting on results from having symptoms/have multiple new or worsening COVID-19 symptoms

NOTE: additional factors such as organizational safety protocol compliance; case/contact masking and case symptomology will be used to support determinations of exposure

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To order your transcript click the link below

Spirit Wear Order Link

Order your FHS hoodie or spirit shirt here!

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Senior Walk Sign Ups

🎓 Class of 2021 - Senior Walk 🎓

RSVP for the elementary school you attended:

Johnson - http://bit.ly/JohnsonSeniorWalk

Henderson - http://bit.ly/HendersonSeniorWalk

Claybon - Cynthia Owen at cmowen@forneyisd.net

Information on Rhea will be coming soon!

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Cap & Gown Pickup and Graduation Announcement Information

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Parking Permit Informtaion

All students wishing to park a vehicle on the school parking lot must complete an online application for a parking permit. Parking permits are $40.00 for general parking and $85.00 for reserved parking. Students will need to upload a valid driver's license and proof of insurance.

Online Application: https://bit.ly/FHSParking20

VOE Requests

A Verification of Enrollment Form is for obtaining your driver's permit or driver's license. Student's needing to request a VOE should go to the FISD website then click school, FHS and then on the right side toward the bottom is the link for requesting your VOE.
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As Forney ISD continues its partnership with Dallas Colleges, staff and community members are encouraged to apply for Summer and Fall courses. Forney ISD staff and community members will continue to receive the rate of $79 per credit hour as the in-district rate, versus the rate of $135 per credit hour for out of district residents. www.forneyisd.net/dallascollege. to review the steps to get started.

After completing Steps 1-4 of the enrollment process, please express your interest by completing the Community and Staff Verification form. (See link below). After receiving your intent to enroll in courses for the summer and/or fall, you will be contacted by a district or college representative. Click on the link below to access the form.

Upcoming Athletic Events

Please be sure to check the Forney High School athletic website to see the schedules of all sports, how each sport will be managed with regard to COVID-19, and ticket purchasing information.

Forney High School Athletics

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