Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of October 10-14

Strategy Spotlight

We continue to hear and learn about effect size at many of the trainings we have been to so far this year. One that has stuck out to me is the effect size of teacher clarity. Teacher clarity has an effect size of .75, nearly twice a year's growth. So what does teacher clarity look like? The following descriptions come from the notes taken while listening to Fisher talk at a Learning for Continuous Improvement (LCI) event (30 September, 2016):

  1. Teacher needs to know the grade level expectations and standards

  2. Teacher needs to communicate to students what they are supposed to be learning

  3. Teacher needs to communicate what success looks like

  • The standard is too big to post on the board; need to offer the learning intentions (same as "I can statements" or "Learning targets") and what successful learning looks like;

  • Teachers need to think about what the student needs to learn today not what the student should be doing: ask what a student is learning today, not what they are doing today

    • Learning intentions on the wall are reminders; teachers need to see to it that students know what and why they’re learning;

    • Teachers and students should both be able to answer the three core questions (from Student Perspective):

      • What am I learning? (content, language)

      • Why am I learning this? (relevance)

      • How will I know that I have learned it? (assessment capable learners -- how does the student know that he or she has learned it

Sight Word Script for Intervention Instruction

In a conversation I had with Susan O. and Jessica Q. the topic of sight word instruction protocol was brought up. Both expressed that teachers teach this part of the Walpole script in very different ways mainly due to lack of communication about best practice when it comes to teaching sight words and a teachers desire to "change things up." I asked them to share what they feel should be our Sight Words Protocol for our building and the both agreed on this protocol (which really is not that different from Walpole if you are following the Walpole script!).

I will be bringing around this protocol on colored card stock for you to use if you are currently teaching a group that needs sight word instruction. If your group does not need sight word instruction please add the protocol to the very front of your Walpole kit for future use.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like any modeling regarding sight word instruction.

Intervention Reminders

I know several of you will be reaching the end of your current Walpole kit for intervention sometime this week. Before switching to a new intervention we will have to look at the data. Please reach out to me when you are at the end of your current intervention so we can get everything changed and updated on the TIER system based on what the data and teacher observation is telling us.

This Week


  • All day training in CR - Hattie and Ventura


  • 9-10 am meeting @ primary
  • 5th grade team planning
  • 12-1 blended learning vitural meeting
  • Modeling a multisyllabic lesson
  • 3rd grade team planning
  • Work with staff
  • Work on standards books
  • Check in with teachers on interventions


  • Data team meeting @ 7:45
  • Meeting with Jon and Heather @ 11
  • Meeting with Jennifer @ 1
  • Work with staff
  • Work on standards books
  • Check in with teachers on interventions


  • Staff meeting @ 7:45
  • One-on-one blended meeting w/ trainers @2:00
  • 4th grade team planning meeting
  • Work with staff
  • Work on standards books
  • Check in with teachers on interventions


  • Special Education meeting @ 7:45
  • IC Weekly meeting 12:00-3:30
  • Work with staff
  • Work on standards books
  • Check in with teachers on interventions

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