The Great Gatsby Blog

By: Alyssa Luttrell


I wonder How Gatsby, kept him self so well hidden for 5 years
The fact that Nick, and Daisy are cousins and he just sits there and lets Tom treat Daisy with that kind of Respect, is just so heartbreaking!
Nick is getting Drunk tonight!
The fact that Daisy knows Tom cheats on her is so sad that she doesn't do anything about, they had a kid together and he wasn't even around hardly during the pregnancy!
Tom, should try going anger management classes, and maybe so Rehab!
Nick, seems like hes a very civil person and keeps to himself, and can tell anything to them
They Finally meet again after 5 years, and you can tell by the look in there eyes they still love each other.
HAHA, nick standing in the rain!
These parties Gatsby throws sounds like alot of fun!
Gatsby sounds like a great man
Why would Gatsby leave Daisy if he loved her
All they need is Love, happiness and a place to live and food to eat, and thats it
Gatsby used to be poor? He had to work his way up!
Gatsby just Lost it!
Tom cried when he saw mistress dead, he actually has feelings. Then you hear how he tells Wilson it was Gatsby she was sleeping around with.
OMG, Daisy was driving the cab
Can Daisy just call Gatsby already
Why did Wilson have to kill Gatsby!!!!!!!!
Why is Daisy so stupid to stay with a cheating man, who pretends to love you so he has somebody to please himself, when his Mistress is killed!