The Colonial Times

April 30, 2020

What's Happening at Log College...Virtually

With the arrival of the end of April, we are now into our second month of closure from the COVID-19 virus. No one would have ever thought that we would see something like this, but here we are. Focusing on the positive that is happening, we are potentially looking at quarantine guidelines being relaxed in the coming weeks, weather warming up (FINALLY!), and perhaps easing back into some normalcy.

While the buildings at Centennial remain closed, the faculty, staff, and administration are still hard at work. Meals are being served on Mondays and Thursdays. To date, over 37,0000 meals have been served to the Warminster, Ivyland, and Upper Southampton communities. The district is intent on continuing to provide this service to the community throughout the remainder of the school year and during the summer. Additionally, we are providing Tech Drive-Through services on Tuesdays and Thursdays to service Chromebook issues that arise during the closure. Please visit the COVID closure webpage that is linked to the Centennial SD website for additional information.

At Log, we are continuing our Continuity of Learning online throughout the remainder of the school year. Teachers will continue to be available daily to provide instruction and learning activities, and also provide the crucial school to home link. Please feel free to contact your child's teachers, counselor, or school administration with any questions or concerns you may have. We are hoping to make this newsletter available weekly, and make student work and creativity a focal point of each edition.

Thank you for your support and flexibility as we continue to navigate through uncharted waters. We hope you continue to stay safe and healthy.

National Junior Honor Society Deadline Extended

The deadline has been extended until May 15th. Please click this link to take you to our NJHS page for more information.

Weekly Counseling Blog

This links to Mrs. Rudenko and Mr. Sayre's weekly counseling blog. Please take a moment to check it out!

Art with Ms. Berner

Students in Ms. Berner’s Art classes learned about the significance of incorporating most of the senses when interacting with artwork. Museums and galleries are creating shows where guests can smell, touch and hear artwork that is displayed. Interacting with art in this form helps the viewers tap into emotions and can create a more enriching experience, especially for those with visual impairments. Viewers are more likely to engage in conversations about the art and create a connection, not only with the work itself but a connection with other people. Museums, galleries and artists alike are hoping that these new interactive artworks will help change and create new understandings of art and what it can do.

Students were then challenged to come up with their own color wheels using objects found in their home that they could experience using all or most of their senses. Below are some examples of student work!

Guess Who?!

Hey Log College students! We know the days are starting to drag on. So, just for fun, each week we will share a baby or childhood picture of one of the Log College staff with a few hints. Take a moment and try to guess his or her identity! The staff member’s identity will be revealed in the next Smore.

Guess Who?

I grew up nearby in Southampton, PA with my mom, dad, and sister, Megan. I started playing softball at age 6 and piano at age 11. I still do one of those activities today. Who am I?

Behind the Lens Film Festival

Congratulations to our four groups of filmmakers who were recently recognized as finalists in the "Behind the Lens Film Festival" held on Thursday, April 23 via a livestream on YouTube. Though there was no red carpet this year, the aura of excitement was still present. Proudly, Log College Middle School nearly swept the Middle School category by being chosen for four of the five finalists.

Students in the grade 8 elective, "Lights! Camera! Action,!," collaborated in small groups over the course of about eight weeks to produce a 60-90 second clip promoting a feeling of suspense. Why suspense? It's an emotion that's easy to develop with the use of controlled speed, multiple camera angles, music, and facial expressions. A script is not necessary, though a lot of hard work is!

Below are embedded links to the videos of our finalists for you to enjoy!

WTHS filmfestival2020 Middleschool Don't Go In the Closet!
WTHS filmfestival2020 middleschool The Hacker
WTHS filmfestival2020 middleschool Last Man Standing
WTHS Film Festival 2020_ Middle School_ The Elevator

Stress Reduction

Here are some tips for stress reduction from Mr. Sayre and Mrs. Rudenko...

3-Step Strategy for Coping with Stressful times

During times of uncertainty, it's normal to feel a mix of different emotions. This can be overwhelming at times so it's important to take time throughout the day to check in with ourselves and acknowledge what we're feeling. Simply acknowledging feelings without judgment can help remove some of their weight and lead us towards self-compassion.

Here is a three-step breathing exercise to help you take a mindful pause and grow in awareness of your feelings. When doing the exercise, it's okay if you get distracted by sounds, thoughts, sensations, etc. Notice what distracts you and gently return your attention to the exercise.

  1. Awareness: Bring yourself into the present moment by deliberately adopting an erect and dignified posture. If possible, close your eyes. Then ask: “What is my experience right now … in thoughts … in feelings … and in bodily sensations?” Acknowledge and register your experience, even if it is unwanted.
  2. Gathering: Then, gently redirect full attention to breathing, to each inhale and to each exhale as they follow, one after the other. Your breath can function as an anchor to bring you into the present and help you tune into a state of awareness and stillness.
  3. Expanding: Expand the field of your awareness around your breathing, so that it includes a sense of the body as a whole, your posture, and facial expression. The breathing space provides a way to step out of automatic pilot mode and reconnect with the present moment. The key skill in using this exercise is to maintain awareness in the moment. Nothing else.

The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

While this isn't related to Log College, many of us who grew up in the area remember the days when the Willow Grove Naval Air Station was open and active, and especially the yearly airshows. There are also a number of veterans in the area who served at Willow Grove who went to Centennial or had children that did. The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds often used to make appearances at those airshows many of us attended. With the base closed, we don't get to see those demonstration teams in our area anymore, but we were treated to a flyby on Tuesday, April 28. As a salute for front line workers during the COVID crisis, the Navy's Blue Angels and Air Force's Thunderbird teams staged unprecedented tandem flybys in our region. If you saw them and were able to snap a picture, send your photo to Mr. Drago to include in our next Smore! Click on this link for Mr. Drago's email-

Log College Football

A message from Mr. McManus:

Log College Football 2020 Be ready!!!

Attention all Log Football athletes currently in sixth and seventh grade---You had better be

helping your parents and working out on your own! Your coaches- Mr. Sinkler, Mr. Leiby, Mr.

Boyd, and Mr. McManus expect you to be ready to play in September. You should be jogging on

your own, doing push ups whenever possible---pause a game--do ten push ups--do ten

burpees---you must be ready! We are the best and will continue to be the best.

Working out on your own requires more discipline to become a better athlete. Carry a football

around with you the entire day---sleep with it and the first thing you do in the morning is toss it

back and forth between your hands. Continue to toss it back and forth. Push ups, burpees and

short sprints are some of the best ways to build your strength and stamina.

We cannot be there with you but we look forward to coaching the best middle school football team in Bucks County!

Carpe Diem you fine young people!

Log College Middle School

Log College Middle School opened in September 1967 as a Junior High School serving seventh and eighth grade students. The school is named after the original school in Warminster, “Log College” established in 1727 by William Tennent, one of the original trustees of Princeton University. The school’s mascot is the Colonial in honor of the first Log College.

Log College became a Middle School in 1991 educating sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. In 2000 the school was recognized by the US Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School. Log College currently serves approximately 630 sixth through eighth graders.