Super Bugs

Why you should care

What is antibiotic resistance and why does it matter?

Antibiotic resistance in bacteria allows deadly diseases to resist treatment and may one day lead to diseases that are incurable. These types of incurable and often contagious diseases could cause epidemics in countries and regions world wide.

How are these bacteria evolving?

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What does natural selection have to do with this?

As the weaker bacteria are killed by antibiotics and, as shown in the diagram above, the stronger survive. The new type of common bacteria that grows, develops, and multiplies is now resistant to our medications. This causes our current antibiotics to be less effective and consequently will increase the deadliness of the pathogen.

What can you do to help prevent this?

By only using antibiotics when needed and without the misuse of them, it will help slow the drug-resistant bacteria from evolving quickly. Many sicknesses or viruses can cure themselves without the help of antibiotics. There are many ways to prevent the spread of these germs. By washing your hands frequently with soap and water and by not sharing personal health items like towels and razors, you can avoid contracting many of these infections. Also make sure that your doctor has a clear and correct understanding of all symptoms you have especially before prescribing antibiotics.