Catalogue of Vehicle Immobilizers

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Download Catalogue of New Range Of Vehicle Immobilizers- Mitico

Miti Manufacturing was founded in 1993 with the aim of manufacturing and furthering the development of Rhino Immobilizers or the Rhino boot and the portable Decon Hoop Wash.
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MITI Manfacturing Corporation

Mitico or MITI Manfacturing Corporation is a privately held Colorado corporation founded in February 1993. It manufactures field equipments like decontamination showers and vehicle immobilizers covering a wide range of designs. The immobilizers manufactured by Mitico have been in production since 1958.

Mitico Manufactures

MITI Manufacturing Co., Inc is Colorado based privatly held organization. The established at February 1993 to develope and manufacture:
Rhino™ Immobilizers
1. Automobile boots
2. Wheel Immobilizers
3. Revenue Enforcement
4. Anti-Theft Protection
5. DeCon Hoop Wash™
6. Hazardous Material Decontamination equipment