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How To Make An Ideal Garden

Making A garden is a fun and easy way to get some fresh air and make a pretty decor in your front or back yard.

First, You'll need to go to a gardening store to get seeds of your choice and get some soil to start the proccess. Next, find a space outdoors were you can plant, finally comes the fun part. So, lay the soil in a dirt patched area to lay the soil their and spread and cover the area you want to plant. Then, dig a hole and place the seeds that you chose in a dug up hole and lay the seeds their and cover it back up again. Finally, water it each day and watch your plant grow before your eyes.

Now that you know how to you can plant all sorts of stuff, in a way it is like having a pet and carng for it!

St. Christ family event

Come one, come all, to the 23rd annual church event special event at St. Christ baptist church event on March 7th, located on Midway rd and Plano Pkwy. It is for all ages andtheir will be crafts and activites. You don't need to R.S.V.P. you can just hop by anytime from 10-3. I If the weather is nice we will also be havin outdoor activities, but we will for sure have activities indoors. Hope to see you all their!

Pre-games; meet and greet

Saturday, March 7th, 6-8pm

Pano pkwy. Midway Rd.

Dear my fellow competitors,

Before the competition begins, I'd like to get together with you all. Meet me at 6:30 to 8:00 and, we will have an unlimited supple of candy. All we need you to bring is yourselves and of course your monstorous appetite. We will meet at Life Is Sweet candy Factory (6409 Dakota Dr.) It is next to Target and Chickfila on Midway rd. and Plano Pkwy. My dad (the candymaker) will be sponcering this event and you may bring your family to this event. The more, The merrier! This event costs no money, the purpose is to have fun which I know you all will. Thank you to you all, I hope to see you their!

Your Friend,

Logan S.