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Positive Intent

What it Means to Assume Positive Intent. By now, we've all learned that assuming positive intent in the workplace means consciously choosing to assume that our co-workers are operating to the best of their ability, and are acting with the best interest of the company and their colleagues in mind.

As we move into this busy spring (it really is coming soon), I want us to take a moment to work toward assuming positive intent from each other. It will absolutely make your time here enjoyable and productive!

Benefits at work:

A team that has a policy of assuming positive intent will usually be more efficient and better at collaborating because of improved communication.

  • As a person who assumes positive intent, you are someone people can be more comfortable collaborating with and as a result you may get more offers to partner on projects or drive initiatives.
  • When you assume positive intent you let others know you have confidence in them, and people will often go to great lengths for someone who believes in them.
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April 5th, Family Fun Day at Paradise Park, 3:00-7:30

Please make sure to plan on visiting this event and letting your families know when you will be there. An hour by staff is required (except paraprofessionals/COTA's/Health Clerk/Interventionist). We do welcome all to bring family and attend if you wish. This event is only for the edutainment side, so is suitable for children under 9 years old.


Lockdown in Gym Question

At our Para Staff meeting last Friday, a question was raised about the window that slides up in the kitchenette. Someone wanted to know if that window locked in case a class needed to seek shelter in that area. Here is Cristi's response:

It does lock. From the inside, there are 2 knobs on the bottom that rotate

Please take note in case you are ever in the gym during a drill or real-life lockdown. Also take a moment to "play" with that window and lock/unlock leads to learning!

ESY (Extended School Year) at GBEEC

Applications will open Friday, Feb 8th, that is this Friday! Please apply early, it does time stamp your application. Please know that if you are interested in teaching Elementary school SLI (Summer Learning Institute), then the information is below.

SLI Application information for you if you wish to teach

Even though we are in the midst of wintery weather, it will be warm and sunny very soon! That being said, it is time to start thinking about continuing your excellence in the classroom during Elementary Summer Learning Institute this year. We have a few exciting updates to share with you about programming this summer, along with ways that you can support our R7 learners throughout the month of June.

We are excited to continue our welcome for incoming kindergarteners to a 4-hour Elementary Summer Learning Institute experience. The Summer Learning Institute (SLI) will remain as enrichment learning for students with a cataloged option of course selections per each summer school site. As with last year, we will continue leveled promotion of our students to their 2019-20 grade level for summer school with the addition of current 6th graders/ summer school 7th graders remaining at the elementary level for summer school. In addition, Online Summer School will continue to be available (June 3-June 27) to incoming 5th-7th grade students with a variety of enrichment options tied to STEM learning.

Elementary Summer Learning will occur at six sites throughout the district and include ESY programming for Special Education. Elementary SLI will run 4 days a week for a total of 16 days from June 3-June 27.

  • Sunset Valley (Medically Fragile, Cross Cat, Life Skills)

  • Cedar Creek

  • Meadow Lane (Title I, Cross Cat)

  • Prairie View (Title I, CLASS, Cross Cat)

  • Trailridge (SEB, Cross Cat)

  • Underwood (SEB, Cross Cat)

SUMMER SCHOOL APPLICATION PROCESS: * Opens Friday 2/8/12 at 7:00 am

If you are interested in applying for summer school with a course offering, please click on the LSR7 Staff Page:

Summer learning proposals will be open from February 8th to February 20 with Notification on March 1. Families will receive the course catalog on March 12 and will be able to register online from March 25th to April 15th.

Here are a few items to note as you apply:

  • As you are writing your course proposal, please be aware the ELA, Math and Science learning target have already been determined for each grade level. Please make sure you are looking for the incoming grade level’s learning targets.

  • If you are wanting to teach the same course as last year, please update your proposal with current information and dates. Also, review the changes in grade level learning targets for the course to ensure proper alignment.

  • To access course template, please see attachment at bottom of the email.

  • The rate of pay for SLI is $28.57/ hour for 6.5 hours a day (4.5 hours for Kindergarten teachers)

  • Teachers will be paid for 4 hours of plan time prior to Summer Learning starting. This will take place on Move-in Day Friday, May 31, 2019.

  • Teachers may job share by week if they would like. *There is a spot to notate this on the online application.

  • Teachers will be assigned to a site to ensure all grade levels are represented at each site. Every effort will be made to keep teachers at their home school or feeder group.

  • Those wishing to teach our incoming kindergarteners/ summer school kindergartens will need a Kindergarten certification.

  • Kindergarten teachers will be with students 4 hours of the day and will only work a shortened day of SLI (4.5 hours/daily)

  • Kindergarten SLI will be focused on the kindergarten socialization and kindergarten readiness skills.

ADA (Average Daily Attendance) Preschool Update

I want to thank those of you who expressed your concerns regarding an all day program/5 day a week program. We are officially on hold for this topic.

First Day of School

I want to thank you for your feedback on this topic, the site based notes regarding this topic have been provided to Staci Mathes who will work with the Elementary Superintendent, Jennifer Kephart to determine if we move forward. Staci will be requesting to start school just as we have done in the past. More to come!

Our Week:

Monday - Jeanie gone AM for a mtg, Kerry here

Tuesday - Both to Elementary Principal's Mtg. AM, here PM

Wednesday - Both here, Jeanie to MLE to help w/Playdough event

Thursday - Both here...thankful!!

Friday - here and staff development (from district)