Drawing Conclusions

Who am I?

Who am I and how do my skills and talents help define me?

Artistic and Imaginative I think this defines me in many ways because mainly everything I see i always see something to draw or change to make it better in my own way.

What can I contribute as an individual?

What I can contribute as an individual is my own opinion of what i think about something. It never hurts to give your own opinion because others might love your idea.

How do I build networks of people to support me?

I can build networks with people to support me by let them know that I will support them also. Either if they support me or don't support me I will still be there for them.
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How do I learn best?

I work best by working hands on, getting right into the work because its showing me exactly how to do it.
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How do I relate to my family, community and society?

I can relate to my family by working hard for what I want in life everyone in my family worked hard to get to where they are now.
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