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January 24, 2020

What's Happening at Log

January is coming to a close, and we are moving into a very important time of the year: class selection. Our 8th graders, in conjunction with Mr. Sayre and Mrs. Rudenko are in the process of finishing up their course selection for next year at William Tennent. Over the next few weeks, our 6th and 7th graders will begin the process of selecting their classes for next year. An important event for the 6th and 7th graders is our annual middle school course selection night, which will take place on Tuesday, February 4th at Tennent. On that evening, Mr. Golderer and Mr. Drago in conjunction with the administration from Klinger will present the middle school course of studies, and answer any questions that you may have about scheduling. After that, students will receive their drag sheets with core course recommendations and also where they can make their choices for expo classes. Our counselors will meet with classes throughout February to assist students with the selection process. The whole process will be completed by the first week of March. Actual scheduling of classes will take place during the summer.

In other news, LCMS students just completed their second round of MAP testing. The results were quite positive, with our students seeing fairly significant growth since they last took MAP tests in September. As stated in other editions of The Colonial Times, MAP testing is used as a diagnostic tool by our teachers to help tailor instruction for students to meet their needs. If you have any specific questions regarding MAP testing or anything related to academics, please feel free to reach out to your child's teachers, Mr. Golderer, or Mr. Drago.

Upcoming Dates:

January 28- End of the 2nd Marking Period

January 29- No School: Inservice

February 3- 2-hr Delay: Inservice

February 3- Home & School Meeting, 7:00 PM

February 3- Log/Klinger Wrestling @ WTHS, 7:00 PM

February 4- Middle School Course Selection Night @ WTHS, 7:00 PM

February 7- Winter Dance, 7:00 PM

February 17- No School: Presidents' Day

MLK Sock Roll 2020

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

The students and staff of Log College Middle School are proud to partner with The Giving Tree to support the MLK Sock Roll 2020. This community service project benefits those experiencing homelessness. Students will create “Sock Rolls” which includes a pair of men’s athletic/crew socks that is rolled with a granola bar and a pack of crackers.

Please consider donating the items listed below for the Sock Rolls. Social Studies teachers will be collecting these items starting Tuesday, 1/21 until Tuesday 1/28.

· Men’s athletic/crew socks (must be new)

· Granola bars

· Packs of crackers

Students will then create the Sock Rolls during select Social Studies classes on Thursday, January 30th.

Thank you for supporting this important community service project!

For more information, please visit: (

8th Grade Constitution Center Trip

This link will take you to the permission form for the upcoming 8th grade Constitution Center trip.

8th Grade Dorney Park

This is information for the upcoming Dorney Park trip for our 8th grade students.

Parent Chaperone Document

Parent chaperone information for the Dorney Park trip.

Kindness Club

This month, the members of Kindness Club participated in a challenging Escape Room! Students needed to put their cross-curricular skills to the test in order to solve the clues to crack the final code. They had a great time working together in teams to decode secret messages written in American Sign Language (ASL). In addition, students enjoyed hanging with their friends and our club mascot, Maya the Therapy Dog. In the next few months, we have some big plans to spread more kindness to our local community, stay tuned!

Student Writing Corner

A continuing series of student writing samples from 8th grade ELA classes.

Unexpected Winter Beauty

By: Alexa Hirsch

As we got out of the car and turned the corner, a winter wonderland laid in front of our eyes. Brrrrrr… how could it snow in June?! We wished we brought our jackets as the frigid air rushed down our spines. Big snowflakes fluttered down from the pale sky like winter butterflies. The fern green trees were covered with ice crystals as the lake to the right was a frozen skating rink. The blissful bridge was blanketed with a light layer of snow. Snow-capped mountains towered over me as I tip-toed up the massive boulders scattered along the hill. My hands were ice cubes, and my nose was Rudolph red. Even though it was frigid outside, that did not bother us. The frosty view overtook us and filled our eyes with joy…

A Roller Coaster of Emotions

By: Brayden Perotti

Oh geez, I think to myself, staring up at the big box-like building in front of me. I don’t know what to expect once I get in there... I came to Hershey Park to have fun, but now I’m not so sure.

I tap my feet as I wait to climb aboard Laff Trakk. Tap, tap, tap, tap, keeping time with my pounding heart. I look around and see people getting off the ride, still in shock over how crazy it was. I take a big gulp, and the saliva rolls down my throat like a marble rolling down its track.

As I take another step forward in line, my gut grumbles with fear. To keep calm, I start an internal pep-talk, encouraging myself to keep going and not to be nervous. It’s just a ride. I’ll be ok. It’s just a ride.

My hips crank open the turn style, and I make my way onto the ride. My hands are shaking and are having a hard time clicking the seatbelt in. The fear I have is overwhelming; it is so strong that it causes a battle with my brain...

Thursday Morning Homework Club

Homework Club is facilitated and sponsored by the LCMS school counselors. The club meets every Thursday morning at 7:15 a.m. in the LCMS school library. The counselors are present as well as other staff members to assist students with academics. Students interested may bring breakfast and will need a ride into school. All are welcome to attend Thursday Morning Homework Club!

Winter Weather Procedures

While winter does not seem to want to get started this year (for all of us snow lovers), that doesn't mean winter weather won't happen! Delays and cancellations due to weather conditions are inevitable, so please stay tuned to local news outlets, Centennial SD's social media accounts, and Log College's social media accounts for updates on delays and cancellations. In the event of a two or three hour delay, abbreviated schedules will be followed.

Attendance Procedures

Please be sure to turn in absence excuse notes within three (3) days of your child's return to school. Absences will remain unexcused until notes or turned in or if the three day window is exceeded. If your child has 10 or more cumulative days of absence, a doctor's note is required for all absences past 10 days.

Absence excuse notes can also be emailed to Log College at the following address:

For family trips during the school year, a Family Trip Request Form must be submitted to the Principal at least two weeks (10 school days) prior to your trip. All requests submitted less than 10 days prior will be denied. Family Trip Request Forms can be found here:

From the Nurse

From the Nurse

The state of Pennsylvania requires documentation of physical exams, dental exams and immunizations in School Health Records. The schedule for the mandated physical and dental exams is:

  • Physical Exam are required for all 6th graders; Please continue to send in.

  • Dental Exam are required for all 7th grade; Please continue to send in.

All 7th graders are required to have a Tdap & Meningococcal immunization. Please submit documentation by December 6th

Utilize the link below to view immunization requirements:

Pennsylvania Immunization Requirements for School-Aged Children

All Centennial School District Health Forms are available from the Nurse’s Office or at . . You may also download and print the necessary forms by going to the Log College website and click on the “Our School” tab; click on the “Nursing Services” tab; click on “Forms”.


Early dismissal due to illness is handled by the Nurse’s Office. Once it is determined the student will need to be dismissed, the nurse will contact the parent/guardian. Please remind your student the use of cell phones to call or text in school is not permitted. The office phones are available to students with the permission of the office staff. Students may not use their cell phone to call or text home. Early dismissal for any other reason is handled through the front security desk with a parent note stating the reason for the early dismissal, date, and time.

If your child is ill and misses school, upon returning to school they must present a note written by you (parent/guardian) to the Guidance/Attendance secretary (Debbie Glover). Parents may also email an absence note to Please refer to the Student Handbook for additional information.


With the exception of rescue inhalers or auto-injectable epinephrine, students are NOT permitted to carry medication (on their person, in their lunch or school bag).

Medication must be in the original container and hand delivered by a parent/guardian to the school nurse. A “Medication Permission Form” must also accompany the medication.

The may be obtained in the Nurse’s Office or by visiting the LC website at:

An Asthma or Allergy Action Plan must accompany rescue medication such as asthma inhalers or epinephrine. Failing to store prescribed medication in the nurse’s office is a violation of Centennial School District Policy 3.1.


Head lice do not pose a health hazard, are not responsible for the spread of disease, and are not a sign of un-cleanliness.

Check your child’s head for lice on a weekly basis. Because head lice are usually transmitted by head-to-head contact, parents should carefully check a child’s head before and after attending a sleepover or camp where children share sleeping quarters.

The first sign of lice is always itching. When you notice that your child is itching have them sit in a well-lit area and look for an oval shaped “nit” or egg along the hairline. Nits stick to the hair and are not easily removed. If you have any questions about what you are looking for please feel free to call the nurse’s office for guidance.

Remind children to never share hats, coats, combs, headphones, to play with each other’s hair or have any close head contact “SELFIES”.

As with all health issues, please keep the school nurse informed. Visit our website or call the Nurse’s Office for additional information, available resources, or individual questions.

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Anne Curtin, RN, BSN, CSN

Certified School Nurse

Log College Middle School

215-441-6075 ex 14025