who is Samuel Morse?

lyra tyran

what did he invent?

samuel Morse made the morse code and the telegraph system. He also loved to paint and started inventing until after his wife died.

his life

He was born on April 27,1791 in England. In the year 1811 he left to study the arts as a teenager then he got to paint a potrate of president Adems and James Monroe. When he was an adult he got married then his wife Elizabith Griswold fell gravely ill when he was at an art convention But by the time he got home it was to late and she was dead and buried. :( then he went to invent things and got remarried to Lucretia Walker. He died on April 2,1872. :( sad and confusing.

a V.I.P

He made the telagraph system to transport messages faster and mores code after his wife Elizabith died before that he was a painter when he was a teenager. The telagraph system was first srung by transformers Samuel Mores sent a message to a girl in Biltmore from the Suprem Court and it said:what hath God wrought. And it was dilevered.


In 1791 April 27 he was born in Chsarlson, Boston, MA. And died in New York NY 1872. Samule Morse was 16 when the ride of Paul Rever. He had two brothers.