Taiwan Health Declaration Form

To complete the form, you've got to be at least 18 years old. You will need to provide details about your current and previous medical conditions and ailments.


Taiwan's residents to make certain they receive the healthcare attention they require. This form was around for several decades now and has undergone multiple changes through the years. But today, all of the information that you want on this form can be located inside easily. This includes important information such as the kinds of health care services offered, their prices and eligibility standards.

To start with, it lists the services which a Taiwan healthcare provider can offer to its patients. This includes the hospital where they can be treated, the physicians, nurses and other staff members. The list is quite long, because each agency has its own description. This is important so as to enable somebody to compare and choose the best provider he or she is able to find. Additionally, it lists the processes and equipment used in providing these services and their prices.

Next is the section on drug rehab. This includes a list of drugs and medications that are included in the applications set by the authorities for drug rehab. List of AIDS drugs, AIDS treatment facilities and other important information are included here. There's also a short description of how the drug rehabilitation program works and what are its goals. This section is quite important especially if you are planning on enrolling your loved one or yourself in the program. Additionally, this is the location where you can update yourself with Taiwan's National Health Services Information System (NHSIS) and other pertinent information about the Taiwan health program.

Lastly, this section on Taiwan's National Health Services Information System (NHSIS) is the broadest one of all the sections listed on the Taiwan health declaration form. This can be the one which gives out the comprehensive history on Taiwan's health system. It discusses the history, structure, organization, aims, objectives, policies, medical centers, services, risks and security measures along with other important details regarding the system as a whole. The NHSIS section also lists the different health and medical providers which are part of the system. It also has the most recent health statistics which were released annually.

The bottom line is that all the information and data are included on the Taiwan health declaration form. This forms is very informative and contains every health related subject that worries Taiwan. It functions as a guide to patients, professionals, researchers and everyone that are considering Taiwan's wellness. It is the very first step to consider before engaging in activities that would assist in Taiwan's continuous progress towards being a healthy and progressive nation. Taiwan's healthcare system is currently better in comparison to that of other nations.

To complete the form, you've got to be at least 18 years old. You will have to provide information about your current and past medical conditions and ailments. You must list all of the medications that you are taking and the prescriptions that you've already made. If you're currently undergoing medication or treatments, you have to include all information regarding the processes and the medicines that are used for your remedies. You will also have to write down the allergies you have and if these allergies have been treated with medications. The Taiwan wellness ministry is very much worried about keeping the privacy of its citizens and also they will not disseminate this information to third parties.