The Dragon's Tale

The Biweekly Newsletter of the Kaohsiung American School

2019-2020, Issue #7: November 11th

Dr. Ploeger Superintendent 總校長

Ms. Rock High School Principal 高中校長

Mr. Payne Middle School Principal 國中校長

Mr. Coyle Elementary School Principal 小學校長

Thank you to the KAS PTA for their efforts in leading an excellent ES Family Fun Day. Last Saturday was filled with happy children and parents, and it was such an excellent day for building a strong sense of community. Throughout the week we saw even more smiling elementary students than normal, and we think Saturday’s event really supported a love of learning. Thank you to the KAS ES faculty for their efforts and preparations for the day as well. The KAS tradition of the ES family fun day helps us all feel an even stronger sense of school spirit, and we really enjoy the time we all spend together. Thank you to everybody involved for bringing such a strong support to the school and the school community.


Congratulations to the Grade 8 Girls Soccer team and coach Ms. Sara Brodhead for their stunning 2nd place finish at the TISSA Tournament in Taipei on Saturday, November 2. Go Dragons!

恭喜8年級女生足球隊成員和教練Ms. Sara Brodhead 11月2日在台北參加TISSA比賽榮獲第二名!

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All Grade Six parents are invited to a special informational meeting regarding International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program grades and assessment. Parents will hear from administration and teachers to understand the Grade Six report card and MYP grading system. Please join us on

  • Tuesday, November 19 from 3:30 to 4:30pm in room 142 or

  • Tuesday, December 3 from 3:30 to 4:30pm in room 142

(parents do not need to attend both meetings, only one)


  • 11月19日 下午3點30分至4點30分 在142教室 或者

  • 12月3日 下午3點30分至4點30分 在142教室


I am happy to announce a new KAS Taiko Club is starting in Club Season 3 on January 20, 2020 in collaboration with the Southern Taiwan Taiko Promotion Center, on campus (dates TBD). We will also be seeking instrument donations. Please contact Mr Payne or Ms. Chen ( with any questions.

我很開心向您宣布我們即將有一個KAS新的太鼓社團。從課後活動第三季2020年1月20日開始,和南台灣太鼓推廣中心合作,社團地點會在校園內,(日期尚未決定)。我們也正在尋找樂器的捐贈。若有任何相關疑問請與Mr. Payne 或是中學社團負責老師 Ms. Chen (聯繫。

Mr. Payne, Middle School Principal 國中校長

Dear KAS Families,

I just wanted to write and give a big thank you to everyone who was involved in Family Fun Day. It was wonderful to witness the joy in the community watching our students, parents, and faculty members enjoy the games, facilities, food and each other. The PTA did an outstanding job organizing the day with delicious food, fun activities, and bringing people together. I would also like to thank all of the KAS faculty members who gave up some of their free time on a Saturday to come and support our community. Thank you everyone for making Family Fun Day a special day and KAS a wonderful place to be.


Mr. Coyle, Elementary School Principal 小學校長

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IB Bits

Ms Deborah Haines IB/AP Coordinator IB/AP 召集人

We are beginning to think about classes for the 2020/2021 school year. This is of particular importance for our current 10th grade students who must decide whether to become IB Diploma candidates for the duration of their high school experience. In order to help 10th grade students make that decision, Ms Rock and Ms Haines will be providing IB Diploma information in advisory classes on November 27th and December 4th. We would like to present the same information to parents on January 15th at 3:30 in the KAS Lecture Hall. It is helpful for parents and students to begin thinking about college plans so that students can make the best decisions when deciding if obtaining an IB Diploma is the most advantageous path. If you have questions about the IB Program, please contact Deborah Haines at

我們即將為2020/2021學年度做準備。對於必須決定在高中時期是否修取IB文憑的10年級學生是個特別重要的時刻。為幫助10年級學生能夠做出決定,Ms. Rock 和 Ms. Haines 將於11/27, 12/4的導師時間給予有關於IB文憑的相關資訊。我們也會在1/15下午3:30於KAS演講廳舉辦相同資訊的家長說明會。對於家長與學生來說,開始考慮大學計畫是有幫助的,這樣學生再決定是否修取IB文憑時,能做出最好的決定。如果您對IB課程有任何問題,請寄信至dhaines@kas.tw與Deborah Haines聯繫。

College Corner

Greg Bishop College Counselor 大學輔導老師

Jill Newman College Counselor 大學輔導老師

Almost there…

We are nearing the deadline for several university applications and I would like to remind you of them once again.


University of California schools are all due by November 30 as well as California State universities.


Students, please make sure you know your deadlines. Since we are almost finished, if you make any changes to your present university choices, Ms Newman and I need to know. If it is not changed on CIALFO, your documents will not be sent. There should be no changes at this late date anyway. There are 35 days till Christmas break when all US applications should be completed so we can send in the documents. Please drop in to see us if you need any help with anything.

學生們,請確認你們自己所申請學校的截止日期。由於我們快完成所有的申請步驟了,所以如果學生要對目前申請的大學選擇做任何更動,請務必告知Ms. Newman和Mr. Bishop。 如果在CIALFO上沒有做更改,文件不會被寄送出去。無論如何,在這最後階段都不應再有任何的修改。到聖誕節假期前還有35天的時間,所有的美國大學申請都應在那之前完成,以便屆時我們將申請文件發送出去。 如果學生需要任何幫助,請來輔導室找我們。

We Are KAS

KAS strives to be one of the finest American International Schools in the World. KAS challenges students to achieve academic excellence and prepares them to be balanced individuals, independent learners, and global citizens.

Kaohsiung American School (KAS) is a private, non-profit, co-educational Pre K – 12 institution offering an American, college preparatory program leading to a US high school diploma and the opportunity for an IB Diploma.

KAS is located in the northern area of Kaohsiung city, the second largest city in Taiwan with 1.5 million inhabitants. Kaohsiung American School was established in 1989 as an elementary school serving the needs of local and expatriate families with children.