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Our last paper of the year is a little different--we've turned it over to the Class of 2016. We gave seniors the opportunity to write their farewell address, and we gave the rest of the student body the chance to write a tribute to a favorite senior. If you would still like to add something to the paper, email me at I can edit the paper continuously, and as long as you keep sending me stuff (that fits the guidelines above--farewells and tributes), I'll keep publishing them.


I want to thank all the teachers that have taught me. I want to thank
them for all they have done for me. I love Wren High School. I have
had my struggles, and I have worked through them. The teachers have all
been very helpful and I especially want to thank Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs.
Kaminska, and Mrs. Wilson. Thank you for being there for me. Wren High
School will always be a part of who I am.

I plan on going to Anderson University and getting a degree in nursing. I have always wanted to help people, so this is what i choose to do. I also want to work with
photography. I love taking photos. A photo can tell you a million
things that words cannot show. I am sad that I am leaving Wren and
closing this chapter of my life, but a new chapter is dawning, and I
must be ready for it. Again I want to thank the teachers and other
staff for everything.

A word of advice for the rising seniors: Take your senior year seriously and work hard. This is your last year and an important year. This year can and will change your life for good or for bad. You want it to change for the better, so work hard and do as
you're told. Do your best and you will be a success.

Believe and Stay Strong. You are worth something. Don't do something
stupid that one day you might regret. Do something that matters.


Girl with hair of ever-changing colors

Personality of sparkling galaxies and trees and cats

Mind full of glittering potential

Compassionate ally is what she is

A person I’m glad to call a friend

She is going to go far in life

A life which society is lucky to get a glimpse

Chelsea Spicer is someone you cannot forget


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By: Jensen Barker, Ashley Goss, and Abby Rutledge

We had the privilege of joining Mrs. Journell’s class for their "Outsiders Celebration." The celebration was a dedication to the golden ‘60’s. During the celebration, students had the opportunity to actively engage in the novel and era.

The class read the novel The Outsiders aloud and incorporated English lessons that focused on the book to keep everyone interested and excited to learn. Mrs. Journell loves to involve technology in her students reading. With The Outsiders, the students chose a quote from the book and created a pic-collage depicting why the quote spoke to them. Students also researched S.E. Hinton, the author of the novel, and created a presentation about her life. Ms. Journell told us, “One of the most enjoyable activities with the iPad was the 'Where Are They Now' presentations. They researched and presented facts about an actor who portrayed one of the characters in the novel.”

The class enjoyed the music from the era, while learning about different music groups of the era. “The last piece of finishing a work of literature is the celebration,” Mrs. Journell shared. “The students LOVE this!” During the celebration, students eat, present, and party like they are in the ‘60’s. This year, the students got a very special guest… our very own Mr. Truesdale. He entertained the students through a musical performance of ‘60’s songs with his voice and guitar; he even threw in a little Springsteen, of course.

Mrs. Journell, the upbeat and creative teacher, expressed that the greatest gift she can receive is when her students say “What are we going to read next?” She wants her students to remember school in a positive way. Mrs. Journell is proof that school can be fun, if you have the right attitude.

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I got here to this school of October of 2015. I moved from Baltimore,
Maryland, so everything was new to me. When I got here I got greeted
warmly. I started making a lot of friends in 11th grade.

In 9th and 10th grades I went to a Christian school where it was very hard to
maintain good grades. Here at Wren teachers are here to support you
and help you keep your good grades up, and that is why the rules are
sometimes strict. Ever since I've been at Wren, I've been a lot happier
because my grades have been better and I've made friends that are
there for me and are kind.

Senior year has been the best year because it's what's making me into the kind of person I am now. I realized high school isn't all about making good grades or trying to get by; it's about making memories and making the best of what you have.
Too many people complain about it, saying it's a waste of time, or
that it won't help us in the real world. High school is where we learn
life lessons, so in reality, it will help us in the real world in
learning what career path we want to choose and how to learn from our

Here is some advice for the underclassmen: Don't stress too
much! Stressing is one of the biggest reasons people drop out of high
school. Overcome your stress by keeping up with your work and asking
questions if you need help. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask
your teacher for help because graduating from high school is a big
accomplishment for anyone. We all say we just want high school to be
over with. But you should enjoy yourself in high school while you can, because once
it's over you're going to wish you had it back.


My Senior Poem

These four years have went by fast

I know that it has been a blast

I will miss all of you more than you know

I am a Senior now and I should let go

I want to stay inside the Wren bubble

The times y'all have kept me out of trouble

When y'all kept me at bay

Knowing I would never get my own way

When I wanted to stay home

I still came to this dome

Mostly I'll miss when Mrs. Journell sang

Her favorite southern word is "dang"

I will always miss and love Mrs. King

She was truly sent on an angel wing

I will never forget all the good vibes

But it never worked even with bribes

But I will always think of Harrison and his aide

The impact on my life they have made

I will come back just to say "Yes," Mrs. Davis

If I can see Hotel Transylvania's little Mavis

I never knew a guy named Donny

But through it all "Let's Do It For Johnny!"


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1.Q: What position do you play?

A: Point Guard and Shooting Guard

2.Q: Have you always played basketball and what made you play?

A: I played softball and basketball when I was 5 and quit softball in the 7 grade to focus on basketball.

3.Q: What are your plans for after high school? Are you playing basketball in college, if so who?

A: I am going to Georgia Southern to play basketball.

4.Q: Can you describe how you felt when you and the team made it to the upper state championship?

A: I felt so proud of the team. I felt like we had accomplished more than what we had originally set off for. It was great to be back in the position I was in 4 years ago when we went to upper state.

5.Q: How did you feel when you guys lost? Is there anything you would have changed during the game if you could go back? Or do you want to go back and change anything?

A: It was a terrible feeling because we had a chance to win and move on. I would definitely go back to that game because I know we could’ve beaten them.

6.Q: What is your favorite part about playing for our school?

A: My favorite part was playing with the girls. We are a really close team and it really makes me sad that I won’t get to play with them again because we became a family.

7.Q: What do you think is the most important part of playing for a team?

A: The most important thing is you can accomplish so much by playing as a team and go further than you ever though t you could.


Academics: Students all over the school are taking EOC and AP exams over the next few weeks whether they want to or not. Wish them well!

Athletics: Several of our teams are in post season play at the time of publication. The track team has athletes competing at the state track meet. The boys tennis team and the baseball and softball teams are all in the playoffs. The baseball team plays Chapman today at Wren at 5:30. The game will decide the district championship, and it's a Blue wear blue. And the boys and girls soccer teams both made the playoffs, too; the girls were region champs.

Other: Prom is Saturday, May, 14th. See Ms. Boyd if you have questions.


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We've been fortunate to have a great staff this year. They wrote good pieces, and just as importantly, they wrote them on time...deadlines matter in the newspaper business. The following students comprised our writing crew, and I'd like to thank them for their hard work:

Kalee Aiken

Katie Allen

Austin Bagwell

Siera Barbre

Jensen Barker

Jacob Blackstock

Brooke Blackston

Connor Campbell

Hunter Cothran

Jacob DeWeese

Brandi Dyar

Austin Emory

Ashley Goss

Armando Jiminez

Alexis Leopard

Haley Lester

Andrew Librizzi

Kayla Mason

Madison McCurry

Noelle Nix

Nathaniel O'Diear

Katie Quinn

Bailey Rogers

Graysan Rogers

Sammi Rustick

Mackenzie Simmons

Clarissa Singleton

Brianna Spearman

Kevin Walker

Daniel Wallace

Tania Young

If you'd like to be a regular contributor to the newspaper next year, or if you're a graduating senior who'd like to write something for a future edition of The Alumni Corner, please email

Be together...not the same.

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