Oct. 15 - 19

Standard RP.4

  • I can find a percent of a quantity as a rate per 100. (Ex: 30% of a quantity means 30/100 times the quantity).
  • I can solve problems involving finding the whole if I am given a part and the percent.


Percent, equivalent ratios, benchmark percents

Getting Ready Activity#1

Getting Ready Activity #2

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How many bags of chips are there for each flavor?

What would the percent of bags be per flavor?

What are some different combinations? Number of bags and percents?

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Try it!

Set It Up Chart

IXL: S.5 and S.10

Percent Round Robin

1) Start on any card. Write the letter on your paper and then solve the problem

2) Find your answer on another card

3) Write the letter on your paper and then solve the problem

4) You should have 16 letters and 16 problems when done

Percent Task Cards

1) Show work on activity page

2) Turn work into basket

Consumer Math Booklet

1) Show work in packet

2) Turn into basket

Google Lock Activity

Use paper to show your work for each problem. You MUST have work to have access to the lock box!

Buzz Math

1) Percent Concepts

2) Finding Percent of a Quantity

3) Finding Percent to Solve Problems

4) Using Percent of a Number to Solve Problems

5) Solving Problems with Percent

6) Percent Proportion

Ten Marks

SHOW work on paper!

1) Expressing Percents

2) Percent Relationships

3) Solving Percent Word Problems


Extra! Extra!