2A News

Week of April 19

Dear Parents

This has been a busy week as students and teachers prepare for Student Led Conferences. We did manage to squeeze in quite a bit of learning however!

Please note that it is not possible to include a picture of every child in every weekly newsletter. I try to select a few photos that aren't too blurry each week to represent student learning, It is not my intention to exclude anyone.


Book Clubs

How Do We Know When Something Important Is Happening In A Story?

Students discussed ways to identify the important parts of a story:

  • When a character is showing a strong feeling
  • When the author uses an ellipse (...)
  • When there is a clue in a picture
  • When the author tells you!

Students found important parts in their stories and shared them with the whole class.


Repeated Addition

While it's helpful to know Times Tables, students are learning that there's more to multiplication.

This week, they began sorting groups of objects and writing repeated addition sentences to match. They also learned The Grid Game, which teaches repeated addition by crating arrays.

Social Studies - Qatar Then & Now

Student began this unit by studying photographs of Bedouin life from 100 years ago. Pictures of markets, women carrying fuel, washing clothes and cooking outside generated many BIG questions and observations.