Dank memes


The Unplanned Turtle

One day a girl and her father were walking the streets of Daytona Beach, Florida on the girls second to last day of vacation. The heat was bothering the girl as her feet ached and she complained that she wish she had worn sandals. They were wondering the long street with endless souvenir shops. They went to first one, big store but nothing interesting. Then the two came to the second one, and there was a turtle tank with multiple little turtles and one big one. The daughter was excited and amused, turtles were her favorite animal. Before she knew it, her dad was asking an employee how much it was for a little turtle, $25. He agreed to buy one and they were given the turtle with a little tank with a little rocks, water and food but the employee didn't tell the father and daughter anything about how to care for a turtle! But she was happy, excited and thankful for their future.

Disney Speedway Experience


For spring break bae, her father and his friend went to Florida. The group saw an advertisement for the Speedway at Disney in Orlando. After considering they decided to go, Bae's dad wanted her to have a great first experience.

When they arrived and saw all the cars and it was a hard choice for the girl getting the experience, her choice ended with a battle between the Ferrari and Lamborghini. The group waited patiently for a long time, got to sit and take pictures with the most expensive Ferrari. The group and others watched several people ride in Nascars. Soon it was Bae's turn, she didn't get to choose what car to ride in but she got the yellow Lamborghini, her third choice.

The ride was intense and a experience for sure. You wouldn't think you would go to Disney just to ride in cars!



A passenger at the Disney "Driving Experience" died when riding as a passenger in a Lambohrgini when the car hit a guardrail. The driver was brought to the hospital suffering from minor injuries.

The second class of 2013-15 Aquarius House balloon battle

Aquarius house chose something energetic for their mid QIT event; Balloon Battles. Each stride in the house get a certain color balloon and each student gets a balloon tied to their ankle and the goal is for students to pop other enemy students balloons by stomping on it.

There is a limit of balloons for each stride and once there are no more balloons you sit out. As more student's balloons get popped, the game will pause and the competitors left will need to get in a tighter space to pop each others balloons. Students scream and laugh as they pop others balloons and protect each other. Friends from different strides will team up but in the end, need to abandon each other. When the bell rings at the end of the battle as the "the circle of death" is in action students run out of the gym, squeezing threw crowds on the stairs and run down the hall hot, sweaty, and energized. Students talk about who won and who should have and how much fun they had.

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