Christian Pitts

Fiji Island

airfare cost and schedule

I am going to be flying from Denver,co to nadi,Fiji I will be making two stops one at Losangelas, California and one in Frankfurt ,Germany then I will arrive too my final destination.The cost of all this is $35,453


For this trip I am going to stay in the intercontinental Fiji golf resort and spa with an ocean view and obviously there are plenty of things to do this is going to cost $750 a night.


I am going to be attending a five star diving trip were we are diving to take pictures with soft coral. As well as observing the different species of fish in the ocean.The final cost of this is going to be $1,853.


I am going to rent personal transportation for my trip. I will be renting a Toyota land cruiser the total cost for this is going to be $5,875. This is going to be my transportation for the entire time

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

some of the problems with traveling to Fiji are you have to take malaria pills for five weeks before traveling. This would be a problem because the malaria pills are very expensive they are around $120 a person


The trip is going to be a ton of fun I cant wait this is going to awesome!