St. Patrick's Days

By Jesse Portillo and Ryan Wolfe

History of St. Patrick's Day

  • Started as a religious feast for patron saint of Ireland later turned into a celebration of Irish culture.
  • Became a holiday in 1903
  • Over 1 million people celebrate it, they celebrate it to honor the Irish culture and have fun.
  • Didn't start as a celebration of Irish culture
  • 34 million Americans with Irish background
  • First parade in the U.S happened in March 17, 1762

St. Patrick's Day & GLOBAL marketing


- In Sydney, Australia, the city has an annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and Family Day. This is the second biggest parade behind NYC.

- Lots of entertainment in Hyde Park like local and international music acts and food.

- The daily income at bars and local stores on St. Patrick's Day goes up anywhere from 8-10%.

- At least 80 floats are present during the parade.


- In London, England, there are storytelling sessions, exhibitions, and parties during the week leading up to St. Patrick's Day.

- The parade in London is from 12pm-6pm and feature colorful floats and marching bands.

- From 12-6 there is free entertainment provided in Trafalgar Square.

- There isn't a lot of increase in revenue directly from the parade because most of the events are free to the public.

St. Patrick's Day Products

Product- Shamrock T-Shirt

Place- America, Ireland, U.K

Promotion- For St. Patrick's Day celebration as a clover is linked to the Irish

Price- 45 dollars

Profit- People already like the brand, but with the Shamrock it will bring more people in.

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