Citizenship In The States

Aliens, Immigrants, and Citizens

The Naturalization Process In The States

Step 1- Beginning the Process: Aliens who want to become a citizen must sign an official statement saying they intend to become a permanent citizen (Declaration of Intention) and filed with the USCIS.

Step 2- Must be living in the States for at least 5 years, and have taken classes to prepare for citizenship.

Step 3- File an application for citizenship

Step 4- Interview and Examination: after paperwork, must have an interview with USCIS official, checking for the meeting of the requirements and moral character of the individual. Step 5- must take an exam on the intellect of American knowledge.

Step 6- Oath of Allegiance- If approved, swears loyalty to the States above all others and perform military duties if needed, sign final documentation to become citizen.

Loss of Citizenship in the States

Ways To Lose Your Citizenship

- Denaturalization: loss of citizenship through fraud or deception through the citizenship process

- Expatriation: giving up one's citizenship to live in another country

- Punishment for a Crime: crimes against the government (disloyalty, treason) or participations in rebellious acts

What Is A Legal Alien? What Can They Do?

One that lives in the States and has American rights. Ability to work in the States, pay taxes, and vote.

What Is An Illegal Alien?

Illegal Alien is an individual who is living in a country without official citizenship. Some fear the extensive process, and some are turned down from the government for citizenship.