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The amoeba is a single cell organism. It moves by using a false foot called a pseudopod.

It eats other organisms and it catches them by spreading it's cytoplasm around the cell.

to reproduces by splitting into two cells. When conditions are unfavorable it turns into a cyst. A cyst is hard form body that stays and will open when conditions are favorable.

Amoeba in motion


The volvox is a single cell organism that acts like a plant. It has chloroplast to form its food.They move by flagella they each have two. Each colony has daughter colony. when they form the parent colony burst and the daughters colony is released. When they conditions are unfavorable it will die.
volvox 2


Paramecium is a unicellular. this cell can reproduce in two different ways it can be asexully and sexylly. it eats other cells. This cell moves by moving it's cillia quickly through the water. When it's in danger it is able to shoot out it's trially. this makes it look bigger and can snag predators.


Euglena is also a unicellular animal. It can eat other cells. It also makes it's own food by chloroplast. it can detect light by using their eyespot. This cell reproduces by splitting into two. it moves by moving it's flagella.
Euglena - Flagellum movement in phase contrast