tips for dressing up

La'sagna blake


do you know how to dress for important events? if no you should read this blog because im bout to give you some information that wil be useful for variety events.

Paragraph 1

first if you go on a date and you dont know what to wear you should wear something pink cause guys seem to like that on in my opinion i would waer a good set of make up and some jewlery but u know not to much.And i would wear like a nice dress thats not inapropiate but very nice and pretty you dont want to give your date a bad intention.

Paragraph 2

Dont know what to talk about? ok so u want your date not to get bored so mabe start with a very nice welcome and ur glad they came,and then u wanna tell them about your self and ur favorite hobbys,what your parents do.Just tell them about your self and then let them talk. if i was in this situation i would want to make them laugh thats just me.


In conclusion, its just best to not give a bad expression.You want your date to be like in his head " i really like this girl ".I wonder what it would be like on my dream date.