Figurative Language Level C (7th)

Explaining the Meaning

How to Explain Figurative Language


Can use the definition of the types of figurative language to explain the meaning of an example of figurative language

Task 1- Task Cards

  • Go to the table by the door and randomly pick three "Task Cards"
  • Make a copy of "Recording Sheet."
  • After you complete three, check your answers (Answers on the board)

How'd you do?

Good? Pick another task to work on...

Bad? You can randomly pick four more, then check your answers.

Task 2- Identifying Figurative Language Worksheet

Go to the long table, grab a "Identifying Figurative Langue" worksheet

Task 3- Song Lyrics

  • Grab a "Figurative Language in Song Lyrics" worksheet off the table by my door.
  • Fill it out, go to board and check your answers.

Task 4- Internet Scavanger Hunt

Continue working on your internet scavenger hunt by adding an "explain" column to your table.