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Updated January 2021

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NEW Covid School Status Alert System

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Welcome back to School - January 2021

January 18 we are closed for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.

January 19, unless there is a change at the county level, we open our doors to Plan A students. Remember any student in Plan A attends school face to face Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday's will remain as asynchronous learning days (no live Zoom sessions).

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January Assessment Cycle

Math Screeners K-5; all students will complete by January 15, 2020

Reading Screeners K-5; all students will complete by January 22, 2020

Teachers will speak with students and parents about how to access and complete the assessments. Some students will have to complete their assessments through Zoom.

The data collected from the screeners is used by the teacher to provide 'just right' instruction for each student. The teachers and students will also use this data to help support their achievement of Class, Grade and School Level WIGs (Wildly Important Goals).

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VFL 2020 - 2021 Student/Family Handbook

An agreement form must be on file for each student prior to the start of 'at school' learning. Please contact your teacher if you have questions or would like a print copy.

Children will be going outside for mask breaks - please ensure they have a coat and other warm clothing articles such as hats, scarfs, and gloves.

Class Rosters in Plan A

Parents should have been notified of any and all changes to the PLAN A rosters. If you were not contacted, please call the school office.

Moving to Plan A

In January 2021, VFL will move to Plan A. This means that ALL K-5 students (excluding Craven Live) will return to campus 4 days a week. Wednesday will still be a remote work day for students.

What Will Stay The Same:

  • All students, staff and visitors still must symptom screen and wear masks.
  • Mask Breaks daily - outside when possible
  • Lunch and breakfast in the classroom
  • Blended Learning
  • Safety and hygiene protocols are strictly adhered to

What will Be Different:

  • Minimal social distancing inside the classroom (although each student will still have their own space and may not come in contact with another student or their space/equipment etc.)
  • Limited sharing of equipment and materials


Students are required to wear masks on buses and while on campus at all times. The only exception to wearing a mask is during one of two 15-minute mask breaks/recess and while students eat.

Extra masks will be sent home with students on their first day of school. Parents you can choose to leave a few masks at school, 'just in case'. Please work those details out with your child's teacher.

Have any VFL library books at home?

A library book drop off station is set up by the 2/3 door entrance. Students can place their library books their on their way to class in the morning. Safety guidelines will be followed before these books are returned to the library circulation.

Student WIGS

Students will be setting WILDLY IMPORTANT GOALS in both math and reading this month. Teachers will help guide students to setting, tracking, and creating accountability for these goals.
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Our Buildings Remain Closed to All Visitors/Volunteers/Parents

If a visitor/parent(s) should need to access any of our staff members, including but not limited to, the principal or assistant principal, a teacher, a teacher assistant, etc., the visitor/parent(s) must call ahead and make an appointment with the appropriate person.

At the time of the agreed upon visit/meeting, the visitor/parent(s) must wear a mask, answer ”no” all COVID-19 questions, and complete a temperature screening with a reading less than 100 degrees. Only with these provisions will a visitor/parent(s) be permitted to access any staff and/or buildings.

During the visit/meeting all parties must maintain the 3 Ws, (wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance 6 ft or more).

All visits/meetings must be completed in 15 minutes or less to minimize possible exposures. All visits/meetings that will last longer than 15 minutes can only be conducted virtually or by phone.

The Staff and Students of VFL appreciate your help and efforts to keep us all safe and healthy.

Morning Drop Off Begins at 7:30 - By The Gym Only

VFLE Morning Drop Off Procedures

Dismissal begins at 3 pm - Parents Picking Up Students Must Remain In Cars

Vanceboro Farm Life School Day & Dismissal Procedures
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Each Morning at buses/drop off ALL K-5 Students Must Be Accompanied By An Adult - No Exception

Bus Stop Release Regulation - FOR K, 1 & 2 Students

Please complete this form for EACH of your students in Grades K-2 at Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary School. You do not need to complete this form for students in 3rd, 4th or 5th Grade. This process applies for the AFTERNOON route only.