Solar Nebula Theory

By Tara Sampson

The Solar Nebular Theory

The solar nebula theory, is the most widely accepted model explaining the formation and evolution of our solar system. It was originally applied to our solar system only but, this method of planetary system formation is now thought to hold true throughout the universe. The modern variant that is most accepted is the Solar Nebular Disk Model.The Solar Nebular Hypothesis describes the formation of our Solar System from a nebula cloud made from a collection of dust and gas.

The Solar Nebular Theory Was Developed In The 18th Century

The Discovering Of The Solar Nebular Theory

Emanuel Swedenborg, Immanuel Kant, and Pierre-Simon Laplace Discovered The Solar Nebular Theory when Kant argued that gaseous cloud nebulae which slowly rotate gradually collapse and flatten due to gravity and eventually form stars and planets Laplace’s proposed a similar model in which a protosolar cloud a nebular cloud contracted and cooled flattening and shedding rings of material in the process which later collapsed to form the planets