Choose2Matter LIVE at Hutto HS

How You Can Get YOUR CLASS Involved!

Distance Makes No Difference

Whether you're 7 or 700 miles away from Hutto, TX, you can still get involved in the exciting Choose2Matter LIVE event happening there January 20-23! Here's how:

  • Watch the opening and closing sessions of the event when they are broadcast from 8:30-10:00 am CST and 3:00-3:30 pm CST each day. These videos will also be archived on Choose2Matter's YouTube channel.

  • On Twitter, follow what's happening at Hutto by tracking the hashtag #HipposChoose2Matter. Join the larger conversation with the hashtag #choose2matter and share the amazing things your students are doing as they pursue their passions and follow their heartbreaks!

  • Sign up for Yoursphere, the social platform created for Choose2Matter. The students at Hutto will be using it to collaborate, and yours can do the same! Yoursphere is a place where students can safely connect, share their passions, and work on changing the world together.