The Titanic

By McKinley Ables

Milton Hershey , the man behind the world’s greatest chocolate , had tickets to go on the Titanic,but if he didn’t change his mind chocolate would have never been born!!!! Phew !!!

Our chocolate would have ever been born


However, welcome to the Titanic, you will be staying in first class . The ships cost is 7.5 million dollars .The working of the titanic started a the keel on march 31,1909.Also the Titanic is long twenty two school buses or as three football fields .The forth smoke pipe was just for looks , and to make it fancy .For example , the titanic had 29 boilers 159 furnles . Each funnel could hold 2 trains .It has one thousand two hundred portholes and three million rivets / like medla gule .And the Grand staircase is made out of silver and pure gold!!!

Weirdest of All Seas

In fact, the Titanic is like not all ships , bring your pets , we have kennels . Do you love to read ? We have two libraries and a newspaper called the Daily Atlantic Bulletin . and a post office ( the us postal serv would still try to deliver it . ) Our band will know 352 songs . Also we have to barber shop s. And we pick up lots of passengers around the world.And for first class you will get one heated pool , tennis courts


After all , the titanic was famous since Noah’s Ark . The Titanic was a beautiful site , but it was not buoyant . one hundred thousand people came to see the titanic set sail to New york but none took footage or photos . For the food they have forty thousand eggs , one thousand loaves of bread thirty six thousand apples . In the 1912 the tickets cost four thousand dollars but today it cost fifty seven thousand dollars. ( did you know how much that cost ?)

Iceberg Ahead!!!

Let me began , the owners of the boat had sixty four lifeboats but only decide to put twenty aboard . There was thirty seconds before the Titanic hit the iceberg One of the reasons the Titanic tragedy happened is because the captain wasn’t good at his job because this was new technology , but he didn’t want to learn . more than half of the lifeboats weren,t filled to its capacity

The Unsinkable is Sinkable

Daniel Buckley disguised himself as a woman to get on a lifeboat..

Be Thankful

one of the lifeboats filled upside down but people came and helped each other. there was twenny dogs abroad but the titanic but only two survived .Carpathia had a doctor aboard . Life boats were lowered seventy five feet below deck . some people say a criminal was running full speed but others don't ( I don't really know )

Life boats were lowered seventy five feet below deck . some people say a criminal was running full speed but others dont ( I dont really know )

n to third class and locked the doors so none could come out . The Titanic is a treacherous tragedy


When ships sink they should have enough lifeboats to save everyone aboard. Also they need a light to see in the dark . And a lifeboat drill every time a boat is launched .


They should have 24.7 radio coverage ,and they make ships staff 24.7 every day .Really the ship should have crisis management plan in place .

by McKinley Ables

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