The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

By: John Boyne Genre: Historical Fiction By Audrey Wittmann

Book Review

"He took hold of Shmuel's tiny hand in his and squeezed it tightly, you're my best friend Shmuel."

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is written by the author John Boyne and I feel that this is a must read book. It is based on true events and takes you back many years ago when it happened.

Bruno is a 9 year old boy who has no idea what's going on around him. He meets a young boy the same age but he is on the other side of the fence. They become friends and talk everyday but when Bruno makes a decision and he doesn’t know the outcome, will everything workout of will he regret it forever.

I really liked this book… it was sad but true and it was something I really wanted to read about. It is thrilling at times but then takes a turn, which kept me hooked. I loved this book and I think everyone should read it.

The book could have gone into better detail at the end because it got a little confusing. Other than that it is very well written and I think the author did a great job on this book and can definitely bring you to tears.

This book is an emotional but eye-opening read that will leave you thinking and surprised at the end… It is an amazing book for everyone and will leave you wanting more.

About the Author

My authors name is John Boyne his birthday in April 30th 1971 meaning he is 44 years old. John is from Dublin, Republic of Ireland. He studied English Literature at Trinity College and creative writing at the university of East Angila. He has published 9 books. He has won many awards like the Hennessy Literary "Hall of Fame" award for his work, short story of the year, Peoples choice book of the year. Some of his books are This House is Haunted, A History of Loneliness, The Absolutist, The Thief of Time, Nest of Kin.

Main Characters

Bruno is the main character of my story. He is a young 9 year old boy who's father works for Hitler and Bruno doesn't understand and can't comprehend that. He is only 9 so he doesn't pay attention to what is happening and does what he wants. Bruno is a very outgoing boy but he also knows when to listen especially when his father is talking to him. Bruno is polite to others but states his mind when he wants, he was taught to never interrupt and think about what he was going to say before he says it so he can see if it will come out right or hurtful. Bruno is good at making friends and keeping himself occupied but everything was different when he moved to a new city it was almost like he craved a friend which was very different for Bruno. I would say Bruno is the protagonist. Shmuel is the other 9 year old boy that lives in the concentration camp which Bruno found well he was exploring... I would consider Shmuel another main character and protagonist. Shmuel is the opposite of Bruno he is very shy and doesn't like to talk. Bruno and him look different where different clothes and are from COMPLETELY worlds. Shmuel is living a very sad life and although Bruno is rich and Shmuel has next to nothing they never let that get in the way and become friends.

Moments of Impact

My favorite moments in this book were when Bruno met Shmuel and no matter there differences Bruno never let I'm down... he came everyday to see him and they talked for hours on end. He never told anyone and that made a huge impact. Even though they didn't say it when Bruno showed up for visits they really are best friends. Bruno brought him food even though he didn't know that he was suffering and they cared about each other.

The Pitch

This book is a great book and my favorite setting is when they meet at the fence everyday... it shows the two different worlds and how that on one side of the fence there is lush green forest and then on the other side is a depressing life sucking side with sandy, muddy, dirty, rocky, and hard ground and that is the concentration camp. You would really like this book if you like books that build up to a certain point and take a huge turn. Bruno makes a huge decision and really doesn't know what he was doing and it could be a huge mistake that he would regret for his entire life. I believe that the theme for this is related to friendship and innocence. Even from my quote you can see that they come together and really have a special friendship. I really like how the author went into detail about how the characters live and what they are like and it really made you feel for them. I think that the conflict is person vs society because Bruno is always upset about moving or his fathers decisions and being in Bruno's mind really shows you his perspective and that why i chose person vs society.
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