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What Did He Do

Next Buck Was a very good baseball player for the Monarchs as he hit 365 as they beat the greys the greys in the world series he played 1937-1955 Buck quit baseball to go to the military but came back and was the first black coach for the cubs.Buck played for a lot of teams like the Red sox,Monarchs,Giants,Tigers,Giants,and Giants. he had amazing batting averages like 338 344 350 and 334 when Buck retired he was put in the hall of fame.

Impact On The World

Buck O'Neil changed the world by his positive impact he made so they have a legacy seat and a Buck oniel award.

Should We Try To Be Like Buck

Buck was a very good baseball player for a lot of teams and had batting averages in 300s and 400s.Another reason we should be like Buck is because he had the courage to be in the military and play in front of tv and a ton of people in the mlb as you can tell John O’Neill is amazing.

Additional Information

bats right

  • goes by Buck Foots or Nancy

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Who Was Buck O'neil

First,he was born in 1911 and grew up in Florida.He went to Edward College Buck discovered baseball at a young age as he joined the tiger as a professional team and traveled throughout Florida.O'neil was the mild child out of 3 kids in his family.Buck died in 2006 at the age of 94 5 months away from his birthday.