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Week of December 14, 2020

Exciting News!

New Vision Charter School has received a score of 9/10 on Great Schools making us the top-rated school in Thompson School District and a top school in Northern Colorado. Share this awesome news with your friends, families, and neighbors. We are now accepting enrollments for Fall 2021, so help us spread the word. Thank you to our Nighthawk Family for helping us earn this great achievement and honor.

Leadership Corner

Happy Friday Nighthawks,

Our message this week centers around safety. Our top priority, not just this year, but every year is student safety. Our responsibility as educators is to ensure we are providing your student with a safe learning environment. From the time that you drop your student off, to the time you pick them up, we want them to be in a safe, caring environment. Part of the biggest safety pieces we are charged with is providing a safe transportation experience. As you are all aware the district does not provide our school with transportation opportunities, which is why we have our driveline. In the past few weeks the surrounding community has been reporting unsafe driving concerns tied directly to our driveline.

I am asking all parents who are dropping off students and also picking them up to follow all safety expectations and be model drivers all the way through our driveline. More specifically:

  • Follow Posted Speed Limits: please do not speed away from the building. The speed limit on surrounding both campuses is 20 mph, please do not exceed this as we have many bikers and walkers in the surrounding areas.
  • Do not "shoot the gap": If you are turning onto 1st or Denver, please check to make sure you have plenty of room to join the traffic pattern. If you think you will have to floor it, please wait for another, safer opportunity.
  • Give yourself time: If you are running late it is okay, please know we would rather have a late student than a hurt student. Your student might be safe in their seat as you speed in or out, but other students are not.
  • Be Good Neighbors: Please do not park in the Larimer County Building parking lot. Our driveline times have reduced significantly. On average a complete driveline cycle is taking 15 minutes or less.

Thank you for helping us keep your students and our community safe!

Mrs. Hejl and Mrs. Baker

K-5 Hybrid Schedule

Click here to access K-5 Hybrid Schedule

4-8 Campus

8th Grade High School Registration Information

Hello 8th Grade Families:

Here is a link to the videos for all the departments and programs for MVHS. If your 8th Grade Student is interested in Mountain View, please check this out. MVHS staff is asking you to view the videos before you join them for the live Q & A session - Curriculum Night on the 17th at 6:00 pm (virtual).

Here is the flyer for the curriculum night: MVHS Curriculum Night

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Click on the link to get your Nighthawk Cookbook today!

NVCS Athletics

Nighthawk Parents of Student/Athletes:

This week the Colorado High School Athletic Association, CHSAA, along with State Health Officials decided to move the start date for Winter Sports from January 4th to February 1st. Our League, the NCIL, Athletic Directors met. We all would like to provide an opportunity to have athletics at the Middle School level. We decided on the following seasons start and end dates:

Volleyball February 1 to March 6

Boys BB and Girls Soccer March 8 to April 10

Girls BB and Boys Soccer April 12 to May 15

Track May 15 to May 30

If you have any questions please contact Todd Bissell, Athletic Director at

6-8 Hybrid Learning Structure Shift (AFTER WINTER BREAK)

We will be shifting the delivery of your student’s remote learning instruction starting after Winter Break. After Winter Break, students will no longer be assigned work to complete independently without live instruction. Teachers will be providing students with a Google Meets code for their classroom and students who are learning remotely on that day will need to log into every core content class (math, ELA, science, social studies) at the time that they normally have that class. This means students will participate in live lessons for the direct instruction component of in person sessions Monday-Thursday.

Live instruction will not include Extended Learning Opportunities, Encore classes, or Advisory.

What to Expect During Live Streamed Lessons:

Teachers will mute students and turn off student video during direct instruction. If a student signals they have a question, the teacher will allow audio and visual components to be accessed if the student requests. When teachers switch to independent learning and small group instruction time, live feed for that core class will stop. Students will still be able to ask questions from the teacher using the chat feature during live stream lessons. During direct instruction time we ask remote students (and parents) to understand that our teachers are providing focused attention to our in person learners and that it might take a moment for teachers to get to your questions or needs. If a question is not addressed for a remote learner, please email the teacher with your questions.


All students are remote, no in person learning. Fridays will be used for small group support and individual support sessions for students. If you student is a part of a small group, you will be sent an email with their Friday small group session schedule. Please make sure your students are attending our Friday small group sessions. Friday is also a time for students to complete unfinished work from the week.

What if my student misses a live session?

Live sessions will not be recorded, if a student misses a live session, it will be as if they missed a day of school. Their teacher will get them the work that needs to be completed and will answer questions the student might have regarding the assignment. Fridays are a great way to get individual, or small group support for a missed session.


If a teacher notes a student is not logging in on their remote days and if the student is missing a significant amount of work, they will reach out to administration with their concerns. We do expect all students to participate in live sessions throughout the day. If your student is going to be absent on a remote learning day, please communicate this with our front office and the student’s teacher.

What if I am not comfortable sending my student to school on their in person days?

We understand that every family has different needs during this time. If you would like to keep your student home and do 100% remote learning during this time, please reach out to your school administrator and we will work with you to get this option set up. Please note, that remote learning will only be an option for students while we are in the hybrid model. We will not offer this when we return to full time, in person learning.

This shift is being done because we have noticed a significant disengagement from students during remote learning days. We have also noted that we are not getting through as much content as we would like to this year. Please note that this is a new process and we are asking for grace and patience as we roll it out. We will be gracious with students in the early weeks of this transition and provide ample support. If you have a need during this transition please do not hesitate to reach out to your homeroom teacher and let us know what your needs are.

Thank you for your continued partnership,

Marian Hejl, 4-8 Principal

Todd Bissell, K-8 Assistant Principal

Updated 6-8 Hybrid Learning Calendar

Click here to access updated 6-8 Hybrid Schedule

Florida Virtual Update

Florida Virtual @ NVCS Updates 12/11

Quarter 2 Work: All Quarter 2 work is Thursday, December 17th. Please have everything turned in on this date.

Website: Please continue to check the Florida Virtual @NVCS Website on a daily basis for announcements and other important information that relates to the Florida Virtual Program.

Semester 2: Semester 2 begins on January 5th, 2021. Advisors will send out more information about Semester 2 on January 4th. Please check your email.

Winter Break: 12/21/2020-1/4/2021 Students are not expected to work in Buzz and advisors will not be available.

SRO News


As your School Resource Officer, I wear many hats in order to be a resource to the school and families. The most obvious hat or responsibility is my duty as a police officer. Unfortunately, as the school year continues, I will come into contact with a parent or family member due to a traffic-related issue (speeding, red light, or various other traffic violations). My goal is to address the unsafe actions or violations, in order to maintain a safe environment for the students, staff, and community during school zone peak times. My hope this week is to remind parents and family members that when you enter the school zone, ensure you adhere to all speed limits, signage, and direction provided by the road guards. If the motorist does not, I must address the traffic violation, which can result in a hefty fine and point assessment, because it occurred in a school zone during these peak hours. Therefore, the devices, aids, to include enforcement action (ticket) are to keep the pedestrian and bicycle traffic as safe as possible. In all, I am using the SRO Corner as a way to be a resource officer and not the police officer. I simply want to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Below is some information provided by the National Highway & Traffic Safety Administration website pertaining to actions pedestrians and bicyclists can take to increase safety as well.


During our months at home, many people have turned to bicycle riding as a fun way to get out and exercise, or have taken the opportunity to teach their children to ride a bike. Bicycles can also be an easy and quick way to travel to school. Be sure to do these simple things to keep your bike ride safe:

  • Always wear a correctly fitted helmet, and securely fasten the chin strap.
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic, and follow traffic signs and signals.
  • Stay in the bike lane whenever possible.
  • Never use electronics while riding – they are distracting.


Virtual learning, in-person instruction, or somewhere in between – it’s likely you or your child will be a pedestrian at some point in the day. Remind them to:

  • Use the sidewalk whenever possible, and if there isn’t a sidewalk, walk on the edge of the street facing traffic.
  • Whenever they are available, use marked crosswalks to cross the street, and look left-right-left for vehicles or bikes before crossing.
  • Make sure you never play, push, or shove others when you walk around traffic.
  • Everyone should watch the road, not their phones.

If you are driving, especially in a neighborhood, look out for pedestrians at all times, everywhere. Foot traffic is likely to be higher as more families and children are at home.

Reference -

In closing, after your children are dropped off, maintain the lower speeds and visual vigilance while in the school zone. Once again, I want to keep everyone as safe as possible, and with your help it will be accomplished.

Thank you all for your time!

Andres Salazar - Your friendly SRO!

COVID - 19 Information

NVCS Parent Expectations for Reporting COVID Exposure

Guidelines for reporting COVID Exposure

1st Street and Boise Crosswalk

If your child uses the crosswalk at First Street & Boise Avenue, please be aware that there will not be a crossing guard at that crosswalk when we return from Thanksgiving break. The crosswalk will resume with a crossing guard on January 9th. The crosswalks at First Street & Denver Avenue will continue to have crossing guards.

Driveline during Hybrid

Just a reminder that Driveline times will be shorter during Hybrid learning. Please make adjustments to your schedule.

Counselor Corner

Strategies for Turning in Work

Helpful hints for when your child is not turning in their work.

TSD Clothing Closet is Now Open!

New and lightly used clothes now available to any TSD students in need. Once the order is completed a district employee/volunteer will be in touch with you to schedule a contactless pick up time.

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New Vision is Hiring!

We are growing and are so fortunate to be able to offer even more resources for our staff and students. We are looking for exceptional people to join our dynamic team. We currently have the following positions available:

K-8 Substitute Teachers

K-3 Day Porter

Check out our website to learn more about each position and apply.


PTO Holiday Shop


Holiday Gift Shop is a tradition at our school. We know the students always look forward to shopping for mom, dad, and the rest of the family. We didn’t want them to miss out this year so, we’re doing the program online. Please help support our school and have your students go online to choose their own special gifts for the family!

Go to to shop

New Vision Charter School – School Code: NVCS

All orders must be placed no later than Friday, December 11th!

  • Student will need to enter their school code to shop.
  • Payment will be made with a credit or debit card.
  • Students will receive a free self-sealing mylar gift bag for every item purchased!

Happy Shopping!

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NVCS PTO Meeting Minutes

Minute Notes from the October 19, 2020 PTO Board Meeting

New Vision Charter School Student Service Projects

New Vision Charter School students are often involved in outside organizations or just have a heart for serving others. We welcome and encourage students to propose their projects being put in in the Nighthawk News to get support from our wonderful community. We are so proud of our Nighthawks and their beautiful servant hearts.

NVCS Chefs Club Cookbook: Mrs. Welton has compiled a list of receipes from staff, students, and NVCS families through her Chefs Club. All proceedes will go towards the KidsPak program in Loveland. Click on the link to order.

Girl Scout Adopt A Grandparent Silver Award Project

We're collaborating with The Courtyard of Loveland Assisted Living to ensure their residents stay connected to the community. We are hoping to pair as many seniors with community members as possible. Please click on this button to learn more. .

New Vision Charter School Board Meeting

Monday, Dec. 14th, 6pm

Virtual Meeting

Important Dates to Remember

December 14: School Board Meeting

December 18: End of 2nd Quarter

December 21 - January 1: Winter Break

January 5: Return to school. 6-8 Hybrid shift to live streaming model for remote students.

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