Policies and Procedures

The Elk Grove Unified School District Mission Statement

It is the vision of the EGUSD libraries to provide appropriate and relevant instructional materials and resources that support learning in the school community.The library program is designed to promote collaboration with colleagues, to teach students how to access and evaluate information (print, media and digital resources), and to ethically use and integrate that information resulting in a creative and functional product. Learners will then be prepared to apply these literacy skills in a technologically advanced world.

Sheldon High School Library Staff and Hours

Karin Ledford, Teacher Librarian direct extension x8092 main library x8088

The library is open Monday through Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm.

The library is open during both lunches if a 3rd period class has not scheduled to use it during that time. Students are welcome to use computers, check out books, complete homework, work on research, etc. during this time.

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What your librarian can do for you.........

  • Collaborate with departments regarding projects and/or units that meet curricular standards.

  • Provide online database instruction to teachers and students.

  • Assist teachers with the planning and implementation of research units.

  • Provide quality resources that both teachers and students can use.

  • Provide book talks to classes in order to help students find an engaging and appropriate SSR book.

  • Provide technology tutorials and professional development for teachers and staff on current Internet searching strategies and trends in web 2.0 programs.

  • Provide website evaluation lessons appropriate to each curricular area.

  • Provide tutorials on and assist with the creation and maintenance of blogs, wikis, and self-created websites.

Library use by classes.......

Sign up with the librarian for the days and times you would like to bring your classes into the library. You may also sign up for the library via email.

All students should treat the library as they would their classroom with the same expectations in place. Students should come prepared to complete a particular task that is evaluated or completed and turned in to their teacher or to the librarian at the end of their library time.

Show up promptly at your assigned library time since there may be more than one class scheduled for library time during a particular period. This will ensure everyone has enough time in the library.

Substitute teachers should not bring classes to the library. Please reschedule library time when you return.

Computer Use..........

Students must have a Computer Use and Internet Agreement form on file and a current Sheldon High ID card before they use the library’s computers. Students can obtain usernames and passwords for the computer through the librarian. During lunches and before and after school, all students needing computer time must sign up with the librarian.

General textbook information.........

Students must have a current Sheldon High ID card, a valid California ID or driver’s license, or a current Sheldon High schedule in order to check out textbooks or library books.

If you choose to keep student textbooks in your classrooms, do so at your own risk. Students are still financially responsible for all lost or stolen textbooks that are left in classrooms. Textbook tracking forms are available for you to use to assist with managing your students’ textbooks.

Students may replace lost or stolen books online but must pick up a form from the librarian that describes replacement procedures. The form can also be found on the library link in School Loop.

When it is time for students to return textbooks, you may borrow book carts, walk the students to the library as a class, or tell the students to turn them in on their own time. The library prefers teachers to bring classes to the library to turn in textbooks.

Check out the library website specifically for teachers!

Student passes to the library.......

Students are not to come to the library during class time until the last 15 minutes of the period. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please provide your students with a handwritten pass that includes their name, date, time, and your signature. If the student does not have a pass, he/she will be sent back to class.

Substitute teachers should not send students to the library.

Miscellaneous library notes.........

Computer printing in the library is available at .25 per page.

Laminating is available at .50 per square foot.

Photocopying is available at .15 per page

Check out the library website specifically for students!