Come to Cartagena

The city with the biggest seaport in Colombia

What's the city like?

It´s located on the north west of Colombia , it's hot, big, and is really populated, and it's a bit clean.


There are seven museums, they are called "Museo del oro","Museo de arte moderno","Museo de las fortificaciones","Museo naval del caribe", "Museo historico de la Cartagena de indias-Palacio de la inquisición","Casa museo Rafael Nuñez", and "Convento de San Pedro Claver y fundación museo afrocaribeña".There is one theatre, it is called "Teatro Adolfo Mejía".There are two castles, they are called "Castillo de San Fernando de Bocachica", and "Castillo de San Fernando de Barajas". There is one botanic garden, it is called "Jardín Botanico Guillermo Piñeres", it is located thirty (30) minutes away from the centre of Cartagena.


International Film Festival

There is a festival that is specialized on give a statuette India Catalina to the best Iberoamerican Cinema, and also to Colombian Cinema .When it is celebrated on the months February and March of each year, this year will be the edition number fifty five(55).
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Candy's festival

There is a festival to recover the tradition and usually the kids have fun, and the people have a relaxing time. When is it celebrated on holy week.
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National beauty contest

There are a festival that is celebrated to choose a the woman most beautiful of the country, and she goes to represent us on the miss universe, on this contest the woman have to do a different things for be the most beautiful of the country.When it is celebrated usually on November.
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Important people


Campo Elías Terán Dix, this is a person who defense the interests of people who lives in Cartagena de Indias through politics.


Juan Carlos Gossain Rognini, this is a person who manages states, provinces or dependencies of Bolivar.

Regatta Cartagena Suite Hotel to Juan Valdez Café

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Go up straight along to second corner, turn right, go down straight along the corner, and turn left, go up and on the left is Juan Valdez Café.

Regatta Cartagena Suite Hotel

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Countable and uncontable

How many cars are there?

-There are a little bit cars.

How many palms are there?

-There are a few palms.

How many windows are there?

-There are a lot windows.

How much sand is there?

-There is a lot sand.

How much clouds is there?

-There is a lot clouds.

How much grass is there?

-There is some grass.


How much is the bottle of water?

-It is one euro.

-It is seven four pences.

-It is two dollars.

How much is the room per day?

-It is eighty-tree euros.

-It is sixty-one pounds, seven pences.

-It is ninety dollars, eighty cents.