The support videos below are a reference to help students when working in different digital tools. These videos were apart of the FMS Independent Learning course that all students were expected to go through on the afternoon of September 3rd and 4th. Ask your student/s if they completed those assignments. If you find your student/s need to enroll into the course to complete the assignments click on this link, and follow the on screen directions.,

Taking a document from Canvas to Notability to complete:

Turning a document from Notability to Canvas:

Logging into Canvas:

Submitting a Photo and Video into Canvas:

Creating invents in Google Calendar:

Using features in Notability:

Logging into and Navigating StudentVUE:

Logging into MyBethel to active Zoom meetings:

Checking grades in StudentVUE:



Every student will need to follow the steps outlined below EVERY MORNING in order to access classroom Zoom meetings.

  1. Students log into their MyBethel (see MyBethel support document above for help)
  2. When in MyBethel, click on the email envelope at the top of the screen
  3. Open Canvas course for the class you need to attend
  4. When in the correct Canvas course, click on the Zoom classroom link
  5. When prompted enter the classes password

You can also watch the video below that models the process outlined above.

Zoom Login via MyBethel


Big picture
FMS Independent Learning course link

Once you click the link, follow the on-screen direction to gain access to the course.


1. Check the wifi connection

2. Make sure that the iPad is up to date

· Go to Settings, select "General", select "Software Update".

· If it needs to be updated make sure that it is plugged in or at least at 50% power.

3. Do a hard restart

· Press and hold the home button and power button at the same time for several seconds until the screen goes black and the white Apple logo appears.

4. Update the app

· Go to Self Service, find the app, select “Reinstall”

5. Try MyBethel

· If the app still doesn’t work (Canvas, StudentVUE, etc.), log in through MyBethel and try to access the apps through there.

6. Try a different web browser

· For example, try Chrome instead of Safari

Still need help? Scan the QR code or click here: iPad Support

You can also contact Mrs. Lee at

or Mrs. Merritt at