Dear Mr. Henshaw

By: Beverly Cleary

Plot Summary

Ten-year-old Leigh Botts likes to read, loves his dog, Bandit, enjoys writing and is frustrated every day when he finds food stolen from his lunch box. As part of a second-grade school assignment, Leigh writes a fan letter to a popular author named Mr. Henshaw. Leigh chose this author because he likes the man's book, Ways to Amuse a Dog. In the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, Leigh continues to write to Mr. Henshaw. To Leigh's surprise, Mr. Henshaw writes back with advice about writing, relationships and getting to the bottom of the lunchbox thief.

Cleary, B., & Guidall, G. (1996). Dear Mr. Henshaw. Prince Frederick, MD: Recorded Books.

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By: Becky Baines

Everything Dogs explores the world of these extraordinary animals! Kids will learn all about the characteristics that define dogs, their daily lives, the different breeds, and much, much more! Packed with fun facts and amazing photographs, features "Expert's Corners" that provide exciting, real-life experiences with dogs from a National Geographic explorer, and cool and interactive activities, kids will get an in-depth look at these curious, furry, and lovable creatures.

Baines, R., & Weitzman, G. (n.d.). Everything dogs: All the Canine Facts, Photos, and Fun You Can Get Your Paws On!

By: Joe Mathieu

Vehicle-obsessed boys and girls can follow Big Joe through a typical day’s work in his giant trailer truck. Detail-packed full-color illustrations will fascinate readers—especially the final two-page spread, which labels every working part of a tractor-trailer rig.

Mathieu, J. (1974). Big Joe's Trailer Truck. New York: Random House.

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