Charlotte's Shout-outs!

Great moments in teaching at NDHS

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This purpose of this newsletter is to:

  • acknowledge and celebrate the great work that teachers do
  • share good ideas that other teachers might adopt
  • promote familiarity with Danielson as a common language to talk about teaching

These are just some of the many examples of awesome teaching happening at New Design High School every day.

Professionalism: Growing & Developing (4E)


Great teachers are always looking for ways continue getting even better. Bobby, for example, has attended various professional development opportunities focused on how to best meet students' needs as we transition to Common Core. In addition to attending both weeks of our NDHS Summer PD, he has also been an active participant in PODs throughout the year. Bobby's latest endeavor is conducting a peer visit with his colleagues and sharing good ideas around instruction. When he isn't doing PD after school, you might also find him developing relationships with students at Chess Club. For demonstrating a commitment to always getting better, Charlotte salutes you!

Note: Charlotte doesn't throw any shade. Our colleagues are doing all sorts of great things on a daily basis -- Charlotte just wants to highlight some specific examples.

Who will you shout-out in Charlotte's next edition?