FALL in Love with O2 Again...2014 Fall Edition

Out with the Old...

It is always sad to retire things. I hate seeing some of my current faves go. But...I have learned 1 thing in my last almost year and a half with Origami Owl (R)...they NEVER retire things without releasing something even more amazing!

IN with the NEW!! Drum Roll Please....

When Can I get it??

Take Out Menus and Designer Packs

You can pre-order TOMS August 7th. They will start shipping approximately August 11th.

Designer Packs will be available for purchase August 18th and ship starting August 19th. Available Packages:

Item # KT3016
Wholesale: $225, Retail: $400
* 25 new charms * 6 new dangles * 4 new chains * 4 new lockets * 3 new bracelets
* 2 new plates * 1 new pair of earrings * 1 new set of earring drops

(NOTE: an itemized list of products WILL NOT BE provided)

Item # KT3017
Wholesale: $127, Retail: $193
* 9 new bridal charms * 11 new plates * 1 chain * 2 pair of earrings

(NOTE: an itemized list of products WILL NOT BE provided)

Item # KT3018
Wholesale: $286 Retail: $409
* 28 dangles * 6 bracelets * 5 chains

(NOTE: an itemized list of products WILL NOT BE provided)

Designers WILL EARN PV on all kits purchased. One of each kit can be purchased by each designer.

Other News to HOOT About

New Charms for Each Level Achieved

August 1, 2014 marks the start of the new recognition program. Any first-time title promotions in August will be honored in September. From then on, each month O2 Designers will receive the pieces exclusive to title he or she achieved by the end of the prior month.

AND we want all of our hardworking Designers to get the recognition you deserve right away. So in mid-September, we’ll be shipping out Recognition Jewelry to all Leading Designers and above, including all Charms from prior titles you’ve held—including Designer! Wow!

Check out www.o2incentives.com for more info

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Wowee, Let's go to Maui!!

Check your back office for details on the point system! You could be heading to Maui in February!!
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Lauren DeFazio, Senior Team Leader and Designer #22450

I have been a Designer with Origami Owl since March of 2103. I absolutely love my job!! Team Owl-Mazing has girls all over!! Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois and Texas are currently represented. Want to be the next Owl-Mazing designer? Contact Me Today!