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Twitter: Who to Follow

@Joey7Barton simply for his entertainment value and views about anything and everything. On a serious note however use 'tweets' from sports stars to generate discussion if current issues allow. An example below

@Joey7Barton "Think its a fair ban for Suarez. Mine was 2 longer and deservedly so in my eyes. Liverpool and the player, shouldn't appeal. Its a fair ban!"

Question: Joey Barton got 12 games for assault and Luis Suarez 10 games for a bite, is that fair?

PE App of the Week

Weekly Recommended iPad App

Quizlet - Credit goes to @gto1979 for his retweet this week. Create quizzes and flashcards that students can access using the application on their phone, ipod, ipad and computer.

Sign up and search for CCC GCSE PE and encourage students to start revising. They can join the class and teachers can check on the amount of revision and progress they can make. There are also games using created resources that students can challenge themselves against

GCSE PE Revision Games & TV Shows

With the Year 11 GCSE PE exam just around the corner, it is coming to the time of year where pupils have covered all of the topics on the syllabus and will be starting to revise.

Revising in lesson time can sometimes be a tedious task for both students and teachers. Why not try and jazz up your revision with some of these ideas?

Revision games

There are lots of TV game shows, both past and present, that can be easily adapted to allow pupils to revise key areas of the syllabus whilst playing a popular game. Here are just some of the games and game shows which I have used within revision lessons:

Using only 1 iPad

Some ideas on how one ipad can be used in a lesson effectively. Ideas not specifically related to PE but can certainly amend and tweak for our own classes

PE tip of the week @PETotd

Building on from last weeks recommendation to follow @PETotD I have shared 2 tweets that seem simple and effective ideas for use in Athletics and Fitness

"@davisionPE: Consistency in Tennis. Play normal game, but pupils can't score they can only lose points. Try to stay as close to 0 as possible

"Trampoline: print off & cut out some basic shapes (tuck, straddle, pike), along with basic skills (seat, front, back drop), give spotters a whiteboard. Arrange & BluTac shapes/skills onto whiteboard & show to performer. They attempt routine. Write on analysis comments"

PE Geeks Essential Apps and Web Tools

When @PEGeeks began back in January a few ideas were being shared and one was to ask people to contribute to sharing effective Apps and Web Tools that people were using. The link below takes you to the SlideShare. We've seen most of them but worth a look

5 Minute Lesson Plan

Gary Collingwood currently has the PE Department record for the fastest 5 minute lesson planned. Time was recorded at 3 minutes and 14 secs (Not bad for 5-a-side, ball, bibs and cones).

Planning in PE, 5 minute lesson plan by @MrMacPE

This blog shares how someone PE specific is using the 5 minute lesson plan. It might help as I know some are starting to use it