Happy Times

Victoria Weseloh

Fundraising at Bay View

After school on April 9th, tennis and track students sat through a profitable presentation about a fundraiser they are taking part in. In this fundraiser they can sell coupon books, cookie dough, and other goods. This isn't any ordinary fundraiser though, when the students sell a certain amount of products, they will receive money. "I like this fundraiser because it benefits me and my school." Said one of the tennis students. Not only are the students rewarded, but some of the profits goes to the schools athletic department. "I think it is a great opportunity for the kids to get involved in their school and help out." Said one of the track coaches. Bay view tennis and track students will be working hard to make their athletic department even better then it is.

Donate Life Walk

Last Saturday April 11, Bay View held their 3rd annual Donate Life walk. All proceeds go to Donate Life to help spread awareness and do more research. This year Bay Views student council is hoping to raise a total of $10,000 for this amazing foundation. "Donate life doesn't only save lives, it lets the ones who passed away live on." Says one of the walkers.

This years donate life walk is bigger then it has ever been before. It is the only Donate Life walk in north eastern Wisconsin. In honor of that, they changed the name to the NEW Donate Life walk. This year for the grand marshal they had Erin Davison come in from channel 5 news to help promote the walk. However that wasn't the only reason she was there. "I had a transplant done a few years ago, so this walk really means a lot to me" said Erin.

At the walk they provide pre-walk activities to keep you moving and energized. They had Zumba, music, a silent auction, and much more! This year their silent auction grew 2x larger from last years walk. They received 80+ baskets. The baskets include a variety of things such as spa items, dog toys, tech accessories, soaps, candy, movies and so much more. This year, another addition they added was the Gift of Life Garden Walk. People from around the area shared their special stories on how donate life affected them and their families. The stories are posted on black boards and shown on easels surrounded by beautiful plants and fencing. Some people shared about their loved ones donating their organs, or receiving a transplant. "It's very surprising to see how many people in our community are affected by Donate Life." Says a walker

Many people put together teams to walk in honor of a loved one. The Donate Life walk is a great event to help spread awareness and have fun at the same time. Bay View thanks everybody who came and supported this years walk and hopes to see everybody next year.

The Paperman

Early in the morning the unimaginable happened. At the train station two strangers met and fell in love. The paperman had a huge stack of paper and had a busy work day ahead of him. All it took was one swift wind to knock a few papers out of his hands. A piece of paper flew onto a woman's face, he took it off embarrassed until he saw the beautiful woman standing behind it. "When I looked up, all that was left of her was her pink lip stick mark left on the paper." Said the paperman

He wasn't ready to give up yet. While the paperman was at work, across the street he saw her. In a meeting unaware of him. He decided to try and get her attention by throwing paper airplanes into her window. His aim was rough and unfortunately didn't catch her attention. When she left the building he left his work behind him to chase after her. "I was going to risk everything so that I could see her again." Said the paperman explaining his want to get to her.