The Archive War

"Mexican leaders, upset by the actions of Lamar administration, began launching raids into Texas." That can only mean one thing, WAR but it's not the first time this has happened before, many times, but this isn't any different. There's been peace between them as well, though most of it turned to war, even now we do not get along well, but we do try. Although it may seem like none of this happened, or it is just history, or something like that, but it isn't, it all happened, and it could happen again, by saying the wrong thing, doing something stupid, or anything can start war, it would be a bad fight due to our current technology, and it doesn't help that we use guns, knives and more things against them, some of us are poor, and go into these wars for money, but they die doing so, and the Mexicans are the same, we think of the world as everything will be handed to us... but it won't, we don't want to deal with the future, because we don't know what will happen, there could be war, the world could end, or anything else... but we have to deal with the consequences.

Word of our leaders

"We were the firing of succeeded (followed) immediately by the...tramp of a body of men. A dense fog obscured (hid) them from actual observation until they had advanced into the public square...when the fog dissapeared (revealing) to us that we were surrounded on all sides by the bodies of regular (Mexicans) troops."-Samuel Maverick

"Do right...and risk the consequences."-Sam Houston

"Though we fought the Mexicans to the death...there was emotional pain on both sides..."-Angelina Eberly