Anotia / Microtia

Taliyah Carter

Anotia/ Microtia

Anotia is the total absence of the aurticle most often with narrowing or absence of the external auditory meatus.

Microtia is a condition in which the external portion of the ear (the aurticle) is malformed.

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Is anotia and microtia genetic?

Anotia and microtia is not genetic, it is caused independently or as a syndrome.One of the syndromes associated with anotia and microtia is first arch syndrome, which consists of the eyes, ears, and lower jaw.

What are the symptoms?


  • Ear is slightly smaller than normal, but all structures can be identified.
  • Part of the ear has developed, but the ear canal is blocked and hearing lost.
  • External ear canal and ear drums are missing, a small bump of tissue is present.
  • Anotia or no ear tissue or internal structures.

Is there a cure for this birth defect/ genetic disorder?

Microtia repair surgery generally begins when the child is about 5 to 7 years of age. There are several procedural options, but a rib graft is the most common approach to reconstruction. It requires several steps, first, cartilage is removed from the child's rib. Next, the cartilage is placed beneath the skin and formed into the shape of a "normal" ear. And then skin graft will cover the cartilage.

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