The Southeast

By Seth, Megan

The States

The states that are in the southeast are Tennessee , Florida, Louisiana , Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia,North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

The food

The food that they have in the southeast is mostly tropical fruits. The only thing that is not tropical is the peanuts that they grow in Virginia, and Georgia. But they have hamburgers like we do and they have hot dogs like us.

The People?

A lot of people that live in the southeast are Hispanic because they are from Cuba and they came to Florida. But some are from the United States.

Here is a picture of Cuba down below

The Ever Glades

The Ever Glades are ten thousand islands made up to make up the Ever Glades.

my Favorite State In The Southeast

"My favorite state in the southeast is Mississippi because it has the biggest river in the United States." -Seth

My Favrorite State In The Southeast

My favorite state is Florida its capital is Tallahassee I like It because It is nice and warm there and you always get to go to the beach. I LOVE IT! - Megan