Hatchet- Theme

Serenity Alvarez


In life we learn that you have to work hard and change in order to get through our problems and situations that we face throughout our lives.

The Begining

"...he might be getting a handle on things, might be starting to do something other than just sit." (Paulsen 93).

Here, in the begigning, after the crash Brian brought himself to shore and has only been sitting in on spot, just waiting until the search planes came to find him. Then he realized that he wouldn't be saved so quickly. He would have to rely on what he saw in movies and in books in order to figure out what he needed to do to stay alive until he was rescued. He learned that he would have to push himself to his limits. He would have to become one with his new surroundingc.

The Middle

"Time had come, time that he had measured but didn't care about; Time had come into his life and moved out and left him different..." (Paulsen 117).

Here, in the middle of the story, Brian is going through a hard and emotional time. He has been alone and is struggling to stay alive as he gets challege after challege thrown his way. However, getting through all thse challenges has changed him. He has a new perspective on the world and everything around him. He has a new gratitude for everything that he owns. Being able to survive has made him into a different boy from when he first got there in the crash.

The End

"The job, he thought, looked impossible. To have any chance of success he would have to be strong..." (Paulsen 165).

Here, in the end, Brian is finally starting to really understand that in order to get through his problems, he would have to stay strong and work harder each time. He knows that he can't just give up. He does whatever he can to get through the situtatuions that are thrown his way, because if not, it could be his life on the line. He struggles to keep himself alive but still gives it his all.


This theme is universal because all around the world there are people goingthrough a hard time right now. Some choose to just give up when it gets too hard, but you have to give it your all untill the very end. In order to truely succeed you have put all your effort in no madder the cost.