Kennedy 5/6 Combo Class

December 5, 2014

Math Night

Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy math night on Thursday, December 11. We had a terrific turnout. The kids enjoyed playing the math games, and we hope that parents learned a little bit more about our math curriculum.


Both grades are working with fractions right now. The fifth graders have been reviewing equivalent fractions. They have also studied the relationship between mixed numbers and improper fractions, and they have been learning methods to compare fractions and tell which is greater. The sixth graders reviewed equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, and converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions. They have also been working on adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions.

I will be sending a study packet for each grade home over break. The work will help students keep on top of their fraction skills over the two week break.


We have been busy this week keeping up with literature circle books. During the literature circles, each group has a choice in how much they will read for their next meeting. The students also choose jobs for their next discussion, such as writing a summary, being in charge of vocabulary words, or writing questions to ask the others in the group. All of these jobs are designed to increase comprehension as students read.

Social Studies

The fifth graders have been learning about the problems the Jamestown colonists faced when they settled in Virginia, and the things they did to solve those problems and survive as a colony.

The sixth graders have been reading about the early history of Canada. They have read about the French settlers, the fur trade, and the French and Indian War. They will have a project due after Christmas to make a timeline showing at least ten important events in the early history of Canada.


6th grade science: We have been learning to take notes on the Earth, moon and sun. The students have been comparing the three.

5th grade science: We have been learning about mixtures and solutions. The students have been discussing what tools they can use to separate them. Chemical changes have been the excitement for the week. The students learned the differences between physical and chemical changes. They saw examples of both.


We will not have a spelling test this next week because we will only have two days of writing. The 6th graders and Mrs. Kennedy’s 5th graders have been working very hard on a special present for someone! There has been a lot of writing involved, but it has been fun at the same time. Mrs. Smith’s class has been working on a persuasive essay writing an email to Santa about one specific gift they would like and why. Their essays will be due on Wednesday.

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