Why Is The Earth Hotter?


Climate change

  • Have you ever wondered how the weather is hotter than it usually is? If so, then you're in the right place.
  • This is known as climate change or global warming. Some people might be thinking that global warming doesn't exist, but it does.
  • In fact, global warming by us humans. Trust me when I say that humans have messed most of the ecosystems up.
  • What causes global warming are a number of things like burning fossil fuels(coal or oil) which causes greenhouse gasses(aka carbon) to float into the atmosphere. and deforestation.

What impact does global warming have?

You're probably wondering "what else global warming can do?" To tell you truth it can effect whole ecosystems. for example the polar ice caps is where polar bears, penguins, and walrus' live. well, right now the polar ice caps is melting away like ice cream on a hot summer day.

Are there any ways to stop global warming?

There are plenty of ways to stop global warming. There is...

  • Powering your home with renewable energy(like solar power).
  • Buying better light bulbs(the swirly light bulbs).
  • Driving electronic cars instead of gas running cars.
  • Getting to places through public transportation(trains, Busses etc.) a little more.

Even though there are many ways to stop global warming, that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. There are many challenges to these solutions like...

  • Driving an electric car. Electric car chargers are barely around certain places, it's mostly gas stations, which might make it hard for workers that have to travel to far away just to get to work.
  • Another challenge would be getting Solar panels and that also costs a lot of money to install.
Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye