SLP Superintendent's Newsletter

Week of April 8, 2019


Student of the Year Banquet

April 11, 2019

6:00 PM

Opelousas Civic Center

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Heart Saver CPR and First Aid Training

Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Time: 8:30 AM

Location: Beau Chene High School

Cost: $20 payable to BCHS

*Open to administrators and 12 month employees.

State Superintendent Weekly Highlights Calendar of Events

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Professional Reading

Standards of Performance


New: 2018-2019 Teacher Roster Verification for VAM

The Curriculum Verification and Results (CVR) Reporting Portal roster verification ensures that teachers are assigned to the correct courses and classroom rosters of students for the purposes of value-added (VAM) analyses. Student rosters in CVR are used in the calculation of teachers’ value-added (VAM) results, which account for 35% of the Student Growth component of the teacher’s final evaluation.

Rosters will be available for the following teachers to verify for accuracy:

· Grades 4 – 8 ELA, Mathematics, and Social Studies

· All grades—Algebra I, Geometry, English I, and English II (English II teachers will receive VAM results)

· Science rosters will not be available for verification in the CVR.

The data in CVR will be used to calculate a teacher’s VAM score even if the teacher and/or the principal do not verify the roster. Therefore, it is imperative that each teacher and principal take the time necessary to review the class rosters in CVR.

April 8 - April 18: CVR open for view-only

● During this time, users can view and check roster data for accuracy, but cannot make changes in the system.

May 6 - May 17: CVR open for roster verification

● This process is required and allows teachers and principals the ability to verify and correct records for specific courses and students.

An updated user guide for CVR is now available. Please let me know if you have any questions.



1. Fixed Assets- remember to send changes to Charlie Latiolais so your inventory can be updated in our system. Also remember that end-of-year counts will be needed for each room on your campus. Please have your staff complete and submit their counts prior to leaving for the summer.

2. Monthly Bookkeeping Reports – should be reviewed by principals monthly, approved and submitted to Angie Marks monthly.

3. EPES access- Principals and bookkeepers have separate logins to EPES. Please email Angie Marks for help logging into your Principal account if you have not already done so.

4. Please make sure we have approved invoices to support checks written and deposit slips, receipts and collection logs to support deposits.

5. W-2s are available on the employee portal.

6. 1095s are available on the employee portal.

*CRDC (Civil Rights Data Collection) reports due by April 1st. Each school must be at 100% complete to be able to submit.


1. Principals of Title I schools are responsible for uploading Title I documentation into their school’s Title I Folder by the deadlines as indicated in the Title I Part A Schoolwide Programs Handbook, pages 12-13.

2. Principals of Title I schools are required to upload their monthly School Improvement Meeting minutes as well as sign-in sheets into their school’s Title I Folder.

3. Title I schools must maintain all Title I documentation for a period of five years.

4. Stipend forms (Originals signed in blue) are due to the Director of Federal Programs no later than by the 5th of the preceding month that the work was completed.

5. Please be reminded that an evaluation of your school’s Schoolwide School Improvement Plan must be completed and uploaded prior to June 15, 2019. It is strongly recommended that this occur during the scheduled School Improvement Meeting in May. Minutes should reflect the evaluation.

6. All schools will be receiving Title IV surveys soon to complete regarding the school’s utilization of Title IV funds for STEM as well as Safety. In addition, music and band teachers will be receiving Title IV surveys to address the impact of Title IV funding on their music and band programs during the 2018-2019 school year.

7. Principals are responsible for all Fixed Asset items on their campus. Please be reminded to complete your End-of-the-Year Fixed Asset Inventory prior to your staff leaving for the summer. Upon the completion of the inventory, please submit your school’s updated inventory to Mrs. Latiolais. As all of you are aware, we no longer require school’s to maintain two separate Fixed Asset Inventories (Title I Fixed Asset Inventory and School Fixed Asset Inventory). Your school’s Fixed Asset Inventory should include all fixed asset items. During the past two years, a tremendous amount of technology and band instruments have been purchased by schools and the district.


New: Leader in Me Applications

“Leader In Me” applications are now being taken for the 2019-20 school year. Four elementary schools will be selected to participate next year.

If you are interested in placing an application, please contact June Inhern at 948-3657 Ext. 10269.



1. Teachers attending SSI must register, pay the registration, and submit a travel request to my office. Teachers will be reimbursed after they attend training.

2. Schools may teach Journey to Careers in the 2019-20 school year but starting with the 2020-21 school year ONLY Quest may be taught and the teacher MUST have attended state department training.

3. Principals should add credentials to their check-out list for end –of-the-year.

4. Middle schools may submit credentials to my office for upload.

5. Robotics kits may be purchased with Title IV and tablets & Nooks with Title I, see me or Mr. Champagne.

*Carl Perkins audit findings were sent out. Pictures should be sent by the end of March and at one time. If you are having trouble completing the required corrections please let me know asap.

*Tailgating will be May 2nd from 3-4:45 for CTE and Art students. Please let me know which departments will be participating.

Free Access to Virtual AP Exam Study Sessions

The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) has agreed to allow Louisiana teachers and students free access to its virtual AP exam study sessions. The study sessions will broadcast during the hours of 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm through the months of March and April. The purpose of the study sessions is to highlight and review key topics in preparation for the May 2019 AP exams. If you are interested in attending an in-person Eng. Lang and/ or Eng. Lit session, please contact Taylor Bunn at for more information.

*Download the attached document to gain access.

Reminder: 2019 Super Summer Institute

Please share with CTE counselors, and principals. Super Summer Institute (SSI) will be offered regionally across the state to secondary and post-secondary educators. SSI provides educators the opportunity to attend training sessions and earn statewide industry-based certifications aligned to Jump Start pathways. Registration is now open and closes on April 26. The Department will provide lunch for educators attending SSI. Registration costs must be paid through Eventbrite at the time of registration. Register below based on location and date:

Lafourche: June 10-15

Calcasieu: June 10-15

Bossier: July 15-19

Livingston: July 22-26

New Orleans: July 22-26

Operation Spark: July 15-26

NEMSA: May 6-July 19 (check registration for details)

Reminder: AP Exam Study Sessions

Please share with teacher leaders and content specialists. The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) has agreed to allow Louisiana teachers and students free access to its virtual AP® Physics and AP® Computer Science Principles exam study sessions. The study sessions will broadcast during the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. covering multiple topics through the months of March and April. The purpose of the study sessions is to highlight and review key topics in preparation for the May 2019 AP exams.


1 Safety precautions should be exercised at all times throughout your campus.

2. Custodians are reminded to monitor all lawn care equipment and make sure it is cleaned after each use. A maintenance log must be kept on all equipment: oil change, grease change, air filter or fuel filter. Please take advantage of nice weather this week and cut and weed eater grass. Round up will be issued out beginning April 1 and use must be documented.

3. Submit lighting concerns in classrooms before testing begins.

4. Schools will be responsible for billing when contacting vendors directly for work or services provided at your site.

5 Submit requests for A/C needs beyond the regular school day for end of the year academic programs, graduation, or extracurricular activities to Geneva Lemon.

8. Summer is a good time for cleaning projects in and around your school campus to prepare for the opening of the 2019-2020 school year. Begin planning now!!

9. Conserve energy whenever possible.

10. Gutters should be checked and all debris should be removed to avoid damages to roofs.

11. All Accident Reports should be submitted to Rachel Richard.

12. All Field Trip requests should be submitted to Angela Cassimere.



1. COMPASS INFORMATION SYSTEM (CIS) – PGPs, SLTs, and observation data are to be entered into CIS. Please enter observation data on CIS as you complete observations. Remember, April 15th is the target date to have observations completed. Also, please review rosters for accuracy. In the event you need assistance with CIS, please contact Ms. Malbrough or me.

2. Where possible, please finalize evaluations on CIS on or before May 24, 2019.

3. Reminder: In the event an observation is scored ineffective or a final evaluation rating is ineffective, please notify me immediately so that we can begin to plan intensive assistance.

4. CVR – please be accurate in completing this process, as this impacts final evaulations.

5. REMINDER: Annual Leave days in excess of one’s CAP must be used before July 1st. Please remind all 12 month employees and plan accordingly.

6. The St. Landry Parish Teacher Job Fair has been scheduled to be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019 from 9:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon. Additional information is forthcoming.

7. The deadline for submitting a transfer request for the ensuing school session is July 16, 2018. Requests are to be submitted to my office via email. Please remind/inform employees!

8. All support personnel must have a self-evaluation and an evaluation completed annually and kept on file at the base site. A copy must be forwarded to the central office personnel file only if the evaluation is unsatisfactory.

Reminder: Important Changes to Educator Certification Applications

The Department processes over 4,000 certification questions and applications per month. In order to better serve school systems, the Department recommends the following:

● Use Teach LA Live! to submit both applications and questions to the certification team

● Schedule office hours in the online portal for specific certification questions

○ Speak with a Certification Specialist during office hours -- this is for personnel directors and/or administrative staff only ○ Please include name and contact number when scheduling To increase efficiency, the Department will no longer accept paper applications after May 1.


New: LEAP 2025 Science Reporting Information

Please share with science teachers and supervisors. The LEAP 2025 science assessment guides, in the Assessment Guidance Library, have been updated to include information about how student performance on the new science assessments will be reported. The new reporting categories support the multidimensionality and depth of the Louisiana Student Standards for Science. The reporting categories and general descriptions are provided below; for more specific information, please access each grade-level LEAP 2025 science assessment guide. 1. Investigate: Students will ask questions, define problems, and plan investigations. 2. Evaluate: Students will analyze and interpret data, use mathematics and computational thinking, and engage in argument from evidence. 3. Reason Scientifically: Students will develop and use models, construct explanations, and design solutions.

ELA Classroom Interim Review

This is a reminder that the week of April 8 - 12 is designated as an ELA Classroom Interim Review period for 3rd and 4thgrade students. Based on discussions with principals, teachers, and instructional specialists, I have learned that the Interim #1 review gave students and teachers an opportunity to really discuss test items and to develop strategies to effectively approach Part A / Part B questions, multiple select items, and writing prompts. Let’s use that momentum going forward as we prepare our students for LEAP 2025.

I have attached the Power Point and the 10-Step Plan for an Effective LEAP 360 Interim Assessment document that was shared with teachers at the Interim #1 training. Please encourage teachers to use the same process with Interim #2 reports as we work to validate student strengths and address deficit areas in preparation for testing.

Please let me know if I can assist in any way.


Assessment Development Educator Review

Committee Recruitment Please share with principals and teachers. Educator input is essential to the assessment development process because it ensures that Louisiana’s tests are fair, valid, and reliable metrics of student growth and achievement. The Department is now recruiting diverse educators for a variety of Assessment Development Educator Review Committees scheduled to convene May through August.

● Rangefinding for LEAP 2025 math, science, and social studies

● Item Content and Bias Review - LEAP 2025 math and LEAP Connect

● Alignment Review - LEAP 2025 math and ELA (includes Passage Review)

● Standard Setting - LEAP 2025 science

Committee members may review newly developed test items, provide guidance on scoring student responses to constructed-response and extended-response test items, or help determine cut scores for the new science tests. Participants can see the built-in mechanisms which ensure the development of high-quality assessments and ensure that tests are aligned to the standards, appropriate for the grade or course, and appropriate for Louisiana students. Additionally, the educators that do this work learn how to better use assessments in their classrooms or school systems. Access Assessment Development Educator Review Committees in the Assessment Guidance Library to learn specific information about the committees, convening dates and locations, travel and reimbursement information, and to apply to participate.



· Principals please email me the names of any teachers you feel are utilizing technology in their classroom above and beyond the normal usage. This year’s Technology day will highlight our very own teachers within our parish.

· IP phones are scheduled to be installed at OHS on Friday 3/22/2019 . Phase two will be the remaining high schools and Jr High with elementary to follow.

· Please remember that all phone trouble should be reported from SLP web site under I Want To/ Report a telephone issue.


Principals' E-Binder

Remember to check the Principals' E-binder for forms you may need throughout the year.

Login Credentials:

Username: slpsb

Password: principals

*Send me an email if there is something specific that you would like included in the e-binder.

End of Year Forms

These forms are also in your e-binder.


Facility Safety Audit Sign Up

Please click on “Fill Out Form” and complete a brief survey and make sure you click the link to the calendar to secure your appointment. Please keep in mind that you can change the weekly view in the calendar by clicking on the blue arrows in the upper left corner.

Thank you for creating an appointment and taking a brief survey.


Please take a moment and answer a few questions. There are links to choose an appointment time throughout the survey. At the end of the survey you will receive a list of audit objectives. You can also choose any area of concern. SIGN UP!

Fill out form

New: Louisiana Healthy Schools Training Krewe Upcoming Webinars

Please share with school nurses, school administrators, teachers, and staff.

The Healthy Schools Training Krewe is a group of expert trainers that have joined forces to support healthier schools through the Healthy School Communities grant awarded to the Department. At no cost, the Krewe provides professional development to those working to create healthier schools. The mission of the group is to enhance the knowledge and skills of those working to create healthier schools by providing professional development to schools and school systems. The following trainings are being offered this spring.

April 11 at 12:00 p.m. Managing Chronic Conditions in Schools - Why School Nurses?

April 18 at 12:00 p.m. Overview of Essential Components of Physical Education

May 2 at 12:00 p.m. Local Wellness Policy: Implementing, Monitoring, and Reporting


Sylvia Brown - Lead Nurse/Head Start Health Manager

Please find information about the Flu on the School Health Service web-page on the school board website to give out the parents to decrease the potential spread of the flu at your school if an outbreak is occurring at your school. I have attached the web-page for your convenience.

Sylvia Guidry-Brown, MSN, RN, CSN

Lead Nurse

Pupil Appraisal Nurse

Head Start Health Manager

Important information that will take effect for the school year 2019-2018 regarding the 16 yrs. old (any grade) and/ 11 grade. Please note that 11 yr. olds (any grade) and/or 6th grade are required to have the first dose of the meningococcal that is mandated for the public school setting as well.

Please see attachment







Submitting Content for Administrative Reminders

To submit content, email Tricia Fontenot at the email address below.