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November 2021 Issue 16

Waldo's Student Council Donates $1000 to the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry

Each year, the Waldo MS Student Council dedicates its time to a service project. This year they chose to donate money to the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry.

Student Council and DJ Suavesmooth teamed up and held an outside dance on October 21, 2021. They sold about 350 tickets, hotdogs, chips, drinks and, more to raise enough money to give back to the Aurora community.

On November 18th, the students in the Waldo Student Council presented the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry $1,000 to help support the people in our community in need during the holidays.

To learn more about the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry or get help:

Contact: (630) 897-2127

Visit: https://www.aurorafoodpantry.org

Distribution: Tues & Thurs 9 am - 12 pm

1110 Jericho Rd, Aurora IL 60506

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Remembering Coach Leadbetter. It is hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

All about that Turkey Day!

The first Thanksgiving was a long time ago in 1621. It was held between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans because they had a successful harvest that fall, and a good harvest meant a time for celebration. This celebration lasted three days. This celebration was the start of what we know as Thanksgiving today.

George Washington declared the first official Thanksgiving Day to be November 26, 1789. Then, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it to be the last Thursday in November. Finally, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Congress made it a national holiday in 1941 and set it as the fourth Thursday in November.

Turkey Facts:

  • A male turkey is called a "Tom"
  • A female turkey is called a "Hen"
  • Only Toms gobble
  • The turkey industry makes over $1 billion a year
  • Turkey eggs are twice as large as chicken eggs
  • The heaviest turkey weighed 86 pounds
  • Americans will cook 45 million turkeys on Thanksgiving day
  • The long, loose skin that hangs down on a turkeys neck is called a "wattle"
  • Wild turkeys can fly 55 mph and run 25 mph

Do you know what to do with the wishbone? Allow the wishbone to dry. Then, two people grasp the bone, one on each side. Each makes a silent wish. Then pull, whoever gets the biggest part, gets their wish.

Did you know? Benjamin Franklin actually wanted the national bird to be the turkey. He thought it was more respectable and a native of North America.

Source: https://www.holidayinsights.com/tday/

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Congratulations Mr. Campos! Kane County Educator of the Year Nominee 2020

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What am I thankful for?

I am thankful for my family and my friends. I am thankful that I have a place to live and a great place to work. I am also thankful for the support everyone gives me when I need it most. I am thankful to be able to help others when I can. I am thankful for the students and their families. I am thankful for my health, happiness, and my life. Mrs. Boyce

Some people and things I am thankful for are my friends Alex, Iyonnah,Yasmine, Maddie, Anna, Cece, Selena, Kaitlyn, Jas, Deenae, Karime, Ritza, Jaliyah, Ossie, Jesus, Karime, Elyssa, Nova, Josue, and Lizbeth. I am thankful for all these people because they have helped me smile and laugh through the years. The most important thing they have done for me is to be there for me when I was at my lowest. They always find a way to make me smile. I hope to make more memories with all of them. I may have had some arguments from time to time with them, but we worked through it. There may have been little things that may have tried to pull us apart but I will never let that happen. I could not ask for any better friends. I am also thankful for Mrs.Yeates. She is the most helpful person anyone could ask for. She has helped me through a lot of stuff that I could never tell anyone else. I think she should get an award for being the best counselor of the year Thank you, all. Jaliyah Spence

I'm thankful for my family and friends because they will always have my back. For example, my brother would come into my room just to bother me, but then when someone is being mean he will tell me how to handle it and give me advice. Another thing I am thankful for is that I have made many new and great friends over the last couple of months. It was really hard leaving all my other friends behind at Oswego but thankfully my new friends made me feel really welcome at this new school. Liliana Ortiz

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