Edgewood's Tiger Talk

September 21, 2018

Notes from the Principal

Thanks to Arethra Franklin, most of us know how to spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It's a word that we use a lot, but it's definition is fairly complex. Being respectful requires different behaviors in different contexts.

In a library, being respectful often means that you're nearly silent so that others can read/study.

Yet in the army, being respectful means saying, "Sir, Yes Sir" in a loud voice.

Being respectful in a Korean home often means taking off one's shoes at the door.

Being respectful in an office means keeping your shoes on.

Respect is complicated. One of our main school goals this year is to explore the concept of respect deeply. We want our students to know what it means to be respectful as part of our Edgewood community. How do we interact with one another? How do we support one another? How do we respect our school values by speaking up when we see something that isn't right?

As a staff, we're working hard to model respectful behavior for our students, to teach exactly what it means in different contexts, and to notice it when it does happen. You can help us by drawing attention to respectful behaviors/expectations that you encounter at home and in the community.

As a fun way to build community and to celebrate respect, we're also learning an all-school dance to the late Ms. Franklin's song...there should be a video later this fall!

Mrs. Michlig's School Counselor Update

Buddy Benches

We strive to create a safe and happy school environment for all students, and this extends to our playgrounds. One way we've worked to accomplish this is the existence of Buddy Benches on each of our playgrounds. A Buddy Bench is a special bench designated for students to sit on if they are feeling lonely or sad. Other students or adults then ask them if they'd like to play or walk and talk. Recently in guidance classes, Mrs. Michlig has talked about the background, purpose and use of these benches. Please ask your child about the Buddy Benches. Encourage them to reach out to a a child sitting on them. If their attempts at joining an activity haven't worked or they're just having a rough day, remind them that the Buddy Bench is an option at recess. Thanks for your continued support to strengthen the social and emotional well-being of all our our students.

School Bus Communities

Another school related location we work hard to make positive is our school buses. Several initiatives are in place to help make the ride to and from school as positive as it can be. K4 students are paired with 4th graders all year to help them learn how to navigate this mode of transportation. K5 students are paired with 5th graders for the first 2 weeks of school to help them gain independence in riding safely. Bus route groups meet 4 times a year as a part of our Peaceful School Bus Program to review bus expectations and get to know others on their bus. Our experience has shown that these opportunities have helped our "big kids" look out for our "littles" and has shifted the overall mindset of, "Oh, I think that kid rides my bus," to "I know Ben, he rides my bus!" Implementation has minimized problems, and if something does arise, we work hard to be responsive. These programs have earned our school a National Promising Practice Award through Character.org.

Artsy Life with Mrs. Nolan

We are off to a CREATIVE start in art. Art classes have been learning proper procedures and expectations in class. Ask your child to tell you about being ARTSY!

Our creative juices starting flowing. Students have all made an IDENTITY art piece telling about them. Each child made a small, colorful piece on a coffee filter.

Soon we will combine all of the over 300 pieces onto a collaborative artwork displayed on a bulletin board in the hallway. This piece represents all the individuals of Edgewood coming together to make a whole community.

Yours In the Arts,

Ms. Nolan

Physical Education with Mr. Warnecke & Mr. Sibley

We are off to a great start in PE. The 3rd through 5th grade are tackling flag football skills along with recess activities. As the 4K through 2nd grade are scoring goals in their soccer unit and learning all about basic motor skills along the way. All classes have been a pleasure and working hard! Ask your child what they did in PE today. Keep up the great work Tigers!

EHSA Update

Thank you for joining us for our first Edgewood Home and School Association meeting of the 2018-2019 school year. Mrs. Boyd shared the staff at Edgewood’s mission statement- it was in the form of a word collage. It was fascinating to see all of the parts and pieces that the teachers consider make Edgewood Great. FYI- EHSA made the list! We also discussed fundraising ideas for the school year, and did some preliminary planning for our Halloween Dance (Friday, October 19th.) Information for the dance and volunteer opportunities will be included in Thursday Folders, on Facebook, and in the next Tiger Talk.

Be sure to check out the EHSA bulletin board in the school’s lobby. You will find a calendar with all of the important events and deadlines, also copies of the fliers that get sent home in Thursday folders.

Speaking of deadlines- How are your fall fundraiser sales going? This is a great fundraiser to kick off our school year- allowing us to support all of the grade levels with field trips and supplies.

Dates to remember:

Fall Fundraiser runs through Wednesday, October 3rd

Halloween Dance – Friday October 19th 6-8 PM

Fall Fundraiser Pick-up-Tuesday, October 30th 3:45-5 PM, gym

Spare Clothes Needed!

Our Health Room is in need of extra underwear in small sizes and some more spare pants and shorts in sizes 5-7. If you have some that your child has outgrown, we'd love to have them!

Earn money for our EHSA when you shop on Amazon!

Go to https://smile.amazon.com/. Search for the "Edgewood Home and School Association, Inc." A small percentage of every purchase will come to the EHSA. Easy for you, $ for the school!

Bus Updates/Alerts

Alerts for late buses, etc. are sent via text message, as this is the quickest way for us to get you the information. If you are not receiving these alerts and would like to, please log into your Parent Portal on Infinite Campus and update your contact preferences.

Upcoming Dates

* Wear Spirit Wear Every Friday! * (A sale will be coming up soon!)

9/22: EHSA Back to School Picnic, 11am-2pm @ Konkel Park (see details above)

10/3: Fall Fundraiser Packets Due

10/9: EHSA Meeting, 6:30-7:30

10/18: Early Release (1:26pm)--Parent/Teacher Conferences

10/19: EHSA Halloween Dance, 6-8pm

10/24: Parent Teacher Conferences (4-7:30pm)

10/25 and 10/26: No School for Students

10/31: StoryBook Character Day

Students may wear a costume/outfit from a storybook. Costumes MUST be accompanied by a book (you can use the library for this), and masks are not allowed.

11/13: November EHSA Meeting, 6:30-7:30 pm

11/21-11/24--Thanksgiving Holidays

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