Dim to Quick witted

By the SS Times

from no one to someone

On a mysterious Monday morning I went to Donner's Bakery. I got my usually, a doughnut with some hot chocolate. When I went to go sit in my normal seat I saw something extremely surprising, It almost made me spill my hot chocolate. It was an employee named Charlie working the dough machine much faster, and more efficiently than anyone else in the bakery. The reason this was such a surprise was because Charlie was born with a disability that made him learn slower than normal people. Another reason is because he can barely spell, and on top of that he doesn't even talk right. As so I thought...

When I come to the bakery I see all the other employees make fun of Charlie, but now their avoid him. I called Charlie over and ask to see the comic book he usually reads. "I threw it away, i thought it had no use to me anyway." he told me. Astonished I sit there with my mouth opened wide. "Charlie where did you learn to talk like that!" I said. He hesitated and said. "You'll be surprised about how fast you can become smart at my school said charlie" Do you realize how crazy this is! Maybe now we can help people all over the world. We can help people go from dim to quick witted...

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