The languages that are spoken in Haiti are French and Creole.Here are a few words in French and creole.

In French good morning is bonjour, and bonjou in creole.

I love you is je t'aime in French and mwen rinmin'w in creole.

Thank you is merci in French and mesi in creole.

See you later is a plutard in French and na we pita in creole.

I love Haiti is J'aime Haiti in French and mwen rinmin Haiti creole.


The president of Haiti is Michel Martelly. The government is divided into 10 departments the senators serve a six year term. The president will serve for five years. The people of Haiti will have the freedom of speech, press or assembly.


The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince witch is the main place where people go.


Haiti is on the continent of north American right next to the Dominican republic.

Famous foods

Some famous foods are patties, black rice and grios (fried pork) ,and soup joumaou witch is eaten on new years.These foods that are listed are the most common eaten in this country


THe money in haiti is called a gourde. you can trade this money for American money.


80% of Haitians are catholic. Protestants claim 16 percent of the population.

Tuesday, Jan. 12th 2010 at 5pm

Port-au-Prince, , Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Ouest

January 10th, 2010 was a devastating day for all Haitians, because there was a massive earthquake that killed about 160,000 people.....


In Haiti there is lots of fun things to do, such as go to the beach, go to water falls and so on but the funniest ting to do is go to the carnival. The carnival is a celebration of dancing and music.This celebration usually lasts three days.


There are lots of pretty beaches and water falls in Haiti.