"HACKENSACK, N.J. —When he was 3 years old, Mohammad Abdelhamid told his mother he was going to be a basketball player when he grew up. Like many professional players, Mohammed said he would buy a mansion for his family "(1).To follow his dream Mohammad needed help from his parents later in life."Luckily His mother, Azza Abdelziz, took his dreams to heart — at least the basketball part —and raised him to be an athlete. Now a high school student, he plays soccer, basketball and baseball at Fort Lee High School"(1).Just like Azza ,mothers around the world have token their child's sport dream under consideration and have decided to help their child accomplish his dream.The problem is if you are trying to help your child,but you see your child doesn't have the potential to become a star athlete,and "the reality is that only 0.2 to 0.5 percent of high school athletes make it to the pros"(2).Well even if your child seems to not have the potential to become a star athlete you should still support them.
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"Abdelziz deserved as much applause as her son.She and other parents in the crowd have made huge sacrifices to help their children fulfill their dreams. Abdelziz said over the past 10 years, she has spent less time with her relatives because of her son’s game and practice schedule"(1).Parents around the world deserve an applause because their not giving up on their children.The parents are making huge sacrifices,like spending less time on themselves.Parents are also spending a lot of money trying to help their child fulfill his or her dream.for example, Jocelyn Picache is the mother of another Fort Lee player. "She estimated her family spent more than $100,000 taking hereldest daughter around the country for weekly gymnastics competitions. Her daughter, a talented gymnast, could have made the U.S. Olympic team. The girl had to give up the sport, though, after a serious back injury "(1).Parents spend a lot of money trying to help their children's sport dreams come true in the future."When kids get to upper middle and high school, the dream-chasing can get costly. If your child wants to make the team or get playing time or get noticed and ultimately make it to the next level, he may feel the need for travel ball, skill lessons, skill camps and a myriad of other wallet-draining demands "(2).


Howard Breindel thinks that it is worth helping your children accomplish their dreams."He said, young athletes learn important life lessons throughsports. They learn about teamwork, respect, sportsmanship and focus. He also said making sacrifices for your children is what parenting is all about " (1).Other parents in the world agree with Howard Breinde."Parents watching the tournament said sports will help their children succeed in the classroom and in life" (1).Some parents think differently they think they should ask themselves questions about their child."They ask questions like does my child have enough passion?Does my child have the skill?Are the sacrifices to fuel this dream really worth it" (2)?By answering these questions parents find out if they should really make a lot of sacrifices and help their children reach their sport dream.


Parents are doing everything they can to help their children accomplish their sport dreams,this has started in January 15,2015 and is still happening to this day.Parents around the world are not giving up on helping their children's sport dream come true.Parents don't just support their children and go on road trips to their games cause they have too.They also do it because they think it's fun and it relaxes them." Abdelziz said she especially enjoyed road trips to out-of-town games.For Picache, attending the games helps her relax after a long day of work" (1).The parents don't just help their children when they go to their games,they also help themselves by taking their mind of work,also by enjoying themselves.